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Tim started teaching his classical voice technique program over 30 years ago. He is also a Music Producer as well as a Recording Artist/Performer and Session Vocalist. Considered one of the greatest voices in his field, with a range of 4 1/2 octaves at the age of 56, Tim is an example of what a solid foundation of classical voice technique can do for a career in music. Internationally acclaimed as the voice of Pharaoh (Cruz Del Sur Music), Control Denied (Nuclear Blast & Relapse Records) he is proven to be a multi-faceted talent, who can sing anything from Country to Motown, Pop to Classic Rock,  and in the many sub-genres of his forte - Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. Throughout his 40+ years of singing professionally, he's shared the stage with the likes of Peter Frampton, Donnie Iris, Cheap Trick, Dokken, Yngwie Malmsteen,  and many other top performers, and has been a featured artist on many other albums and music projects. 

While he always strives to make each lesson informative, motivational and memorable, the real reason Tim's students stick with his program is that they achieve results. A science and engineering nerd at heart, Tim's approach to teaching uses a variety of techniques: multimedia demos, interactive computer-based applications, video lectures, and presentations to keep students excited and eager to learn.  He facilitates learning by coaching students to develop
critical-thinking skills to fuel their physical vocal achievement and he tends to ask probing questions rather than give answers. When a student reaches a level of ability, it is because they understand what that ability is, how to maintain and improve upon it, and why it is important. Each step in the development process is part of a series of personal challenges and breakthrough moments that build understanding, and most importantly, confidence.


By readjusting the biomechanical forces that produce the sound of the voice, The Power Vocalist program that Tim has developed,  utilizes breathing techniques, vocalizing exercises, proper placement of the vocal structures, and adjustment of force or effort upon engagement of the voice to improve vocal function and quality, resulting in vocal fold strength, flexibility, endurance, coordination and balance of the sub-systems (respiration, phonation, and resonation) needed for healthy voice production. Building a strong healthy voice is the priority, then more intensive studies evolve from each student's goals, such as songwriting and stylization. 

Mr. Aymar's voice training method is a mix of ear training, theory, traditional voice techniques, and voice therapy, with focus on creating a confident, healthy vocal technique that can be used for ANY style you wish to sing. The result is a naturally sounding star quality voice, in all registers, with confident control, accurate pitch, greater range, projection, fuller tone, flexibility, and stamina.

Once the student's voice is strong enough to withstand the rigors performing as a serious singer,  the journey continues until eventually,  the student becomes a fully functional, self-sufficient singer, ready to take on their role in the professional music industry.  They will study music theory, music appreciation, ear training, songwriting, lyric writing, recording and will learn all they need to know to enjoy a successful career in singing. 

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