Tim Holmes

Drums, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Blues Guitar, Fingerstyle Guitar, Guitar, Lead Guitar, Rock Guitar, Ukulele
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Tim has been playing music at local venues and with local bands and musicians for 20 years, and has been teaching privately and for music studios and schools for 10 years. He fell in love with music at an early age and quickly picked up a variety of instruments including guitar and drums. As a private music instructor, Tim’s passion is to pass on the same joy of artistic expression to others, inspiring students with a love for music by equipping them to play the styles of music that they love.

Music is a journey of creative exploration with as many different paths and destinations as there are styles of music and musicians. By working closely with students of all ages and levels of experience to discover and master the styles of music that match their passion, Tim makes learning a fun-filled and interactive experience, while equipping students with skills, techniques and motivation for a lifetime of musical growth and expression.

Teaching Experience:

Paul Effman Music (2016-Present)
Jimi Heslin’s Axe Shop (2015-Present)
Arlington Continuing Education Program (2018-Present)
Let’s Jam Music (2014-2016)

Performance Experience:

Vineyard Band (2010-Present)
Youth Band Director (2011-Present)
Annual Student Concerts (2015-2019)
Cornerstone Band (2000-2010)


Hudson Valley Music Collective (2018-Present)

Dozens of students have benefited from Tim’s personally customized approach to learning, exploring musical styles that range from rock to pop, blues to country, punk to folk, and at every level of musical experience.

Brand new beginners are guided through Tim’s beginner course, acquiring basic understanding of their instrument and the language of music, followed by simple exercises and soon after a variety of beginner level songs. Students who have mastered the basics are encouraged to explore the songs and musical styles with which they most personally connect, developing a repertoire and picking up additional skills and techniques along the way. Students that are committed enough to master their instrument then learn not only how to play along with their favorite songs, but to expand creatively, developing their own sound and style, learning to improvise and compose.

Tim will supply each student with songs and exercises, no textbooks required. Alfred’s Beginning Drumset Method and Alfred’s Basic Guitar Method are suggested supplemental materials for drum and guitar students. A blank notebook for keeping track of assignments and a binder for songs are strongly recommended.

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