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Ready to elevate your singing? Drop me a message and let's tune your voice to perfection!

Hi, I'm  Tomy Maz,  a musician, producer, composer, and educator with a rich 20-year journey in the music industry.

As a graduate from Berklee College of Music, the Integrative Singing Institute and the Extreme Vocal Institute, I hold expertise in both traditional and extreme vocal techniques, combining and integrating several Singing methods . My academic journey also includes prestigious institutions like the Juan Jose Castro Conservatory of Music, where I honed my skills in music production, teaching, and composition.

Genres: Rock, Metal, Country, R&B, Folk, Funk, Pop and more.

I'm passionate about helping you unleash your full musical potential. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned performer, my Integrative Singing Technique will guide you to:

- Master correct breathing methods
- Sing with robust power and control
- Achieve high notes effortlessly
- Scream with confidence and power

With my guidance, you'll discover harmony between body, mind, and voice, transforming your dreams into reality.

Why Choose Me?
- Over 500 students coached
- Customized lessons for all levels
- Techniques that yield results in weeks

Don't let myths hold you back. Everyone has a unique voice that can be nurtured and developed. Let's embark on this vocal journey together, and I'll show you how to shine on stage and beyond.

As a Guitar teacher, I teach all levels (beginners, intermediate and advance) I cover varius styles such as Rock, Metal, Blues, Country, Folk and Pop. My extensive music background enables me to provaide personalized and effective instruction for students of all levels. I use an Integrative approach that combines various techniques and exercises to help students achieve their goals and find their unique musical playing. I'll teach you proper guitar technique for you to star playing the songs you love, you’ll learn how to improvise do guitar Solos and how to play with dynamics 

As a Drum teacher, I have a wealth of experience in various styles such as rock, pop, metal, and jazz. I played in various bands, have studio experience, and have performed live at events all over the world.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn and take your music to the next level. Book your first lesson with me today and experience the difference that personalized instruction and years of industry experience can make. It's time to turn your music dreams into reality."

If you have any doubts just send me a message


Tomy Maz teaching style is centered around personalized, tailored instruction. He believes that every student is unique, with their own strengths, weaknesses, and goals, and strives to create a customized lesson plan that addresses each student's specific needs.

He specializes in a new singing technique called "Integrative Singing," which combines various methods and techniques such as the Melissa Cross Method, The Rabine Method, the Tao of the Voice, and the Alexander technique for singing to help students achieve a harmony between the body, mind, and voice. With his guidance, students will learn how to breathe, stretch, and relax in order to unlock their full vocal potential.

He offers guitar lessons for all levels, from beginners to advanced students. His approach is to provide personalized instruction and to tailor the lessons to the individual needs of each student. He cover a wide range of styles such as Rock, Pop, Blues, and Folk, and focus on both technique and music theory to help students develop a well-rounded understanding of the guitar. He strive to help his students become creative, confident and independent musicians.

He also created his own drum method of teaching for all levels, from beginner to advanced. His approach is to provide personalized instruction and to tailor the lessons to the individual needs of each student. He covers a wide range of styles such as Rock, Pop, Metal and Jazz. With his method in the course of a few weeks the student can already be playing various rhythms, fills and some songs. He strive to help his students develop a deep understanding of the drums, as well as the skills to play confidently in any musical situation.

His bass guitar lessons are designed for all levels, from beginner to advanced. He provides personalized instruction that focuses on both technique and music theory. Covers a wide range of styles such as Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz and Funk and strive to help his students develop a deep understanding of the instrument, as well as the skills to play confidently in any musical situation.

In addition to his technical expertise, he also place a strong emphasis on music theory and ear training, helping students to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for the music they are playing.

He is also a successful musician and composer. His unique blend of professional experience and educational expertise makes him the perfect choice for anyone looking to take their music skills to the next level. He is passionate about music and dedicated to help my students achieve their goals.

Ceo of Sound Company call Music Freak and Musician and Composer of SYNCERUS.

Graduated from Berklee College of Music as Music Producer.

Graduated from Juan Jose Castro Conservatory of music as Music Teacher, Composer, percussionist.

Graduated from the Institute of Integrative Singin as singing teacher.

Extreme vocal Institute 

Integrative Singing - Melissa Cross Method - Rabine Method - The Tao of the Voice - Alexander Technique.

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