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Our lessons will be encouraging, positive and productive but most importantly will layer in love and Fun! I am here to help you in a friendly manner as a classroom teacher for over 15 years. Achieve your goals from newbies to more seasoned pipers. Curriculum is individualized based on student’s musical interests.

Students will learn proper technique and important musical concepts like reading notes, sight-reading and playing tunes before you know it. We work together and have fun along the way! All ages welcome and all abilities. I enjoy watching students gain confidence and learn more about themselves.  Lessons are  spoken in English in EST.  

Ask me "What's the Bagpipe Code?"  Give it a go and see what you think~ Shoot me a message and lets get started. Aye!

As a former school teacher and understanding what it's like to learn a new subject like an instrument and the Bagpipes on top of that - I knew I wanted to learn how to play because I just Loved the sound from the pipes!

So what's it going to take, what's involved, how much time do I have to put in and is it really that hard. I was nervous at first like many students because I too never played an instrument. So... I started out on a "Chanter" and learned so many cool notes and proper fingering. Then some more notes and then a tune. I had instruction early on which I am grateful for. I remember like it was yesterday. Like other things in life if you want to do something you will find a way.  I purchase a chanter along with a Book,  practiced 15 minutes a day which worked. The chanter is quiet - great for inside - super to learn on.  A must and it was just a major blast! I practice the chanter every day for years now. It's my go to-

That is where we start and build up to playing the Bagpipes. Proper technique is a biggy but no worries you will get the hang of it.  If I can do it  so can you.  Whoo-hoo! I play the Scottish Highland Bagpipes and you can too.

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Bagpipes - Top Tips For Students
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Bachelors of Arts in Education and Bachelors in Early Child Care and Education from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton FL. National Education Association. Certificate of Participation South Florida Pipe And Drum Academy Certificate of Completion 2017 - Certificate of Completion 2018 Certificate of Appreciation The Florida State Society Daughter of the American Revolution Presented by The Regents' Council of the Palm Beaches - June 2017 Certificate of Excellence Forgotten Soldiers Outreach A Day to Remember 2015 - A Day to Remember 2016 - A Day to Remember 2017 Certificate of Recognition Wounded Warriors - Beyond the Conference - Nov 2015

What you need:

-Practice Chanter

 -Bagpipe Beginners Book

-Passion to Learn

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