Tony Doubek

MIDI Orchestration, Commercial Music, Contemporary Composition, Electronic Music Production, Film & TV Scoring, Instrument/FX Programming, Mixing Techniques - Orchestral, Music Theory for Producers, Orchestral Mockups, Trailer Music

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I am an award winning composer and sound designer from Milwaukee, WI teaching Music Production for Film and TV, Orchestral Mockups, and Music Theory. My work includes composing original music and sound design for film, TV, video games, dance, and contemporary classical music. In January of 2022 I was awarded the MLC Festival's award for Best Original Production Score for my work on the film Lonesome and my score for the TV show Miller and the Earthling just won for Oustanding Achievement Overall Production Score at the MLC Green Bay awards. 

I offer lessons in Orchestral Mockups and Music Technology. Most of the pieces I create (with the exception of commissions from musicians) are produced as orchestral mockups that blend orchestral and electronic sound libraries. I work primarily with Logic Pro X and have a selection of sound libraries and plugins from from Native Instruments, Spitfire Audio, Best Service, 8dio, Sound Paint, and iZotope. Because music technology is an ever evolving field I prioritize continuing to expand my knowledge and experience to pass on to my students. Currently I am working to expand my services to Cubase and live recording. 

You can listen to my music and learn more about my journey by visiting my website at 

Students will find lessons to be very organic. Every student comes with a different set of experiences and tools and I believe that lessons need to reflect that. When a student takes their first lesson with me we discuss what they already know as well as what they are struggling with. We set short term and long term learning goals which are reassessed over time as the student grows. Lessons will include working with the student to create music while they learn because I believe in a strong hands on approach to teaching music technology. Lessons can be structured to be any combination of lecture focused and hands on learning based on the students' needs. 

NOTE: For any students who are neurodivergent know that I have experience teaching students with different neurotypes and am neurodivergent myself so I am accustomed to working with students to fit their learning styles and needs!

There are bulk discounts for purchasing multipe lessons, discounts on subscriptions, and your first lesson is FREE!

My music education is very eclectic. I have 23 years of experience in music through a combination of private lessons, self-directed study, and University experience. I have a minor in music from the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point and was fortunate enough to afford one year in the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee’s Music Theory and Composition program.

My education is so eclectic because formal music education (especially at the University level) is financially out of reach for many people, including myself, but my skill as a musician and the teachers I have been fortunate enough to work with gave me the foundation and resources I needed to become a professional composer and sound designer. Because of all this I believe that you do not need to go to college or university to become a professional musician. It is about talent, hard work, creativity, and dedication. My goal as a teacher is to make music production knowledge and training as accessible as possible!

Also as someone who is neuro-divergent and learns best through a combination of methods I recognize that each student is unique in their needs and will have different ways of processing and organizing information. I am happy to talk with students about their learning styles and discuss ways they can set up their work environment and computer to streamline their workflow in a way that works best for them!

Students will need a DAW (I currently demonstrate using Logic Pro and Cubase, but many DAWs are simiar enough for us to be able to work together). 

Because DAWs come with their own set of software instruments and plugins it is not required for students to purchase more sound libraries, though they are welcome to if they would like. Students can also find a number of free libraries from software companies such as Spitfire Audio, 8dio, Native Instruments, Pianobook, BedroomProducersBlog, Versilian Studios, and more! 

There are no required texts for lessons.

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