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Hello, my name is Veronica. I have 20+ years experience teaching piano.   I have taught in music schools, traveled to homes, taught online and also made instructional videos and YouTube tutorials.   The most important thing to me is making sure you are having fun taking piano lessons.  Students who enjoy lessons practice more, accomplish more, and have more fun!  

My main areas are:  Classical, Pop, Rock, Metal, Indie, New Age, Easy Listening

For many years I gave private in-home lessons. I  have also taught for companies such as Falcetti Music and The Royal Academy of Music.   There was usually an annual piano competition.   I very often had many of my students enter this competition and also place very high -or win- in their category.  

I have studied classical piano from the age of 10 until I graduated college at 25.  I earned a Bachelor's of Fine Arts from Mount Holyoke College in 2003.   My focus was performance, theory  and composition.  I have had the opportunity to play with an orchestra for a production of "South Pacific."

I'm at the piano listening to and writing music daily; I love arranging and teaching pop, rock, indie & metal music for piano.  

   🎶 I really enjoy helping others reach their musical goals.  I try to bring energy, enthusiasm, and positivity to every  lesson.  🎶

I will provide a combination of learning styles custom tailored to the students ability to learn easily.  This means that there is some focus on: reading music, learning by ear, learning by rote and also by listening/watching and repeating. 

Something I really love about giving online lessons is that I can use technology to make the lesson informative, interesting, and interactive for the student.  I have a couple of well placed cameras that allow the student to both talk directly to me and also have a perfect overhead view of my piano keys.  I use greenscreen technology to provide a fun and inviting environment for the lesson.  I also have a digital copy of the student's music and can share it on-screen, write on it, highlight notes, use a spotlight over the notes as I play/demonstrate, and much more.  I love how hosting online lessons has changed how I have been able to give lessons. 

I like to teach a combination of lesson book songs along with popular music that the student likes to listen to.  I feel that if the students enjoys a particular song, they will be much more likely to practice and have a nice "feel" and "flow" to their performance.

Examples of songs that I have arranged for students:  Trampoline, Truth Hurts, Your Song, Bad Guy, New Light, Ride, Bad Liar, Africa, Beetlejuice, Game of Thrones, Hymn For the Weekend, Karma Police, Love Street, Living Dead Girl, Million Reasons, Live To Tell, Peace on Earth, Send in the Clowns, Spooky Scary Skeletons, Shine, Lucid Dream, Tiny Dancer, Pirates of the Caribbean, Layla

❤️I'm always friendly and encouraging, and I always want to help my student to advance and reach their goals while loving their lesson experience.  ❤️

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Veronica is currently teaching the following group classes:

Easy Classical Pieces: Where to Start With Classical Piano!

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Easy Classical Pieces: Where to Start With Classical Piano!
Mandy C.
on December 30, 2020

Bachelor's of Fine Arts from Mount Holyoke College 2003 Associate's in Music from Holyoke Community College 1999

I often use method books such as Bastien, Piano Adventures or Alfred's.   If you already own some of these books, I will certainly work with what you have as well as providing some new material for you.

I do teach scales, primary chords, and music theory related to the piece that we are working on.    I also like to have a student work on an exercise for better movement, agility, control, evenness, etc.

What I also like to include is music that the student enjoys.  If the student really loves a particular band or movie, we may learn several songs/pieces that are familiar to the student.  I have found this to be very helpful to the student's "fun factor."  This means that each lessons is custom tailored to the individual and that student's musical interests.

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