Vitor Salgueiral

Arranging, Audio Editing, Audio Fundamentals, Audio Recording, Audio Recording and Music Production, Automation, Commercial Music, Commercial Songwriting, Composition, Demo Production, Drum Programming, Electronic Music Arrangement, Electronic Music Composition, Electronic Music Production, Entrepreneurship for Musicians, Film & TV Scoring, Home Studio Setup, Instrument/FX Programming, Microphone Techniques, MIDI Orchestration, MIDI Programming, Mixing for Visual Media, Mixing Techniques - Artist & Group, Mixing Techniques - Electronic, Mixing Techniques - Orchestral, Music Licensing, Pop Arranging, Production Workflow, Rock Arranging, Songwriting, Songwriting Arrangement, Songwriting Form, Songwriting Harmony, Sound Design, Steinberg Cubase, Top-Line Songwriting, Trailer Music, Video Game Scoring, Voice-Over Production, VST/AU Plugins

Lesson Fees
from $35.00 / 30 Minutes


I'm a musician, music composer, guitar player, music producer from Portugal, my experience goes from making music for, Solo Artists, Ads, Children's Plays, Soap Operas, National Tv, Movie Trailers, Background Music, Orchestral Music, Hybrid Orchestral, in several styles, Pop, Indie, Acoustic, Minimal, Sound Design, Sound Textures, Electronic, Sound Logos - Idents - Intros, and the Portuguese National Music Books for all the students from 5th and 6th Grade.

Other Music Styles:

Trailer Music / Pop Dance / Dreamy Pop / Up Tempo Pop / Dark Pop / Hybrid Orchestral / Guitar Orchestral / Epic Hybrid Guitar / Acoustic Emotional

For about 5 years i have been teaching, music production in a Lisbon Vocal Coaching and Production School.


As i truly love all aspects that music incorporates, i have always searched for educating myself in all the different fields connected to this matter as i list below:

Pedagogical Training Course for Trainers / Tutors -  Certificate of  Pedagogical Competences - CCP - Ordinance No. 214/2011 of 30 May

Electronic Music Composition - Point Blank - Music Production School

Music For Média - Point Blank - Music Production School

Music Licensing - Berklee College Of Music

Music Production - Art Of Mixing - Berklee College Of Music

Sound Production - Instituto de Criatividade e Novas Técnologias - Posrtugal - Lisbon

Jazz Guitar - Luiz Villas Boas - Hot Club Of Portugal - Lisbon


So here i am to share what i have learned in all these years of music.


Thank you for taking the time.

Vitor Salgueiral

I like to be practical, my proposal will always be to do the best we can with the tools we have in our hands... we can always make music, no matter what material you have.

I  can  provide  knowledge   in:

Guitar playing   /   Guitar Sound  /    Guitar Sound Processing

Home recording / Recording with  With mics and  /  Virtual Instruments  /  Mixing  /  Equalization   / Effects

Music composition,  /  Musical Arrangement

Music Business    /   Music Distribution  /   Music Promotion.


You have a laptop... and a guitar???  - Great let's make music

Do you have a Keyboard and a Laptop? Great let's make music

Do you have a nice collection of Plugins? Great, let's make music.

So I will be very practical, and always searching for the musical sense of everyone.


We will work in real song recording Sessions / Sessions with Music made for moving images. 

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