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My name is Ben Sher. I am an Associate Professor at the Berklee College of Music. I am a jazz guitarist, fluent in numerous styles including be-bop, Brazilian, blues, and fusion. I have three recordings of my own on the BGI Record Label, and have worked as a sideman touring and recording for numerous artists.

I have put together several courses of study that address different interest and ability levels:  

Fretboard Harmony - Works on an understanding of the basic principles of harmony and how they unfold on the guitar. This course is great for taking rock guitarists out of the "box," so to speak, that most beginning rock players find themselves limited by. 

Reading Lab - Reading on the guitar is one of the most neglected areas in guitar education. This course is fun, allows players to quickly learn songs which they can "jam" on, and quickly gets guitarists used to the idea of following a chart. 

Jazzlines for Guitar - This course is ideal for guitarists who have just gotten an interest in the sound of modes and are craving more ideas and information on expanding beyond rock styles. Stylistically everything  from Jeff Beck to Grant Green is included. 

Jazz Piano - This is an ideal course for pianists who have been playing from music but would like to play music without having to have every note in front of them written out. 

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Verified Student
October 14th, 2015
The teacher was just great! You can see that he really wants to help!! :)
Bar, Verified Student
July 24th, 2015