Brian Keith Barnes

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Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Jazz Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Ukulele
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From Louisville, Kentucky. Started guitar at 12. Knew that I wanted to be a musician more than anything. Began playing bar gigs on guitar and mandolin when I was 15. Moved to Minneapolis in 1980 to form another band. We performed on radio, TV, and lots of recordings. Toured the world playing music, from Japan to Bulgaria playing bluegrass, jazz, indie country, and world music. Got to play on stage with many of my idols, including Chet Atkins, Johnny Gimble, and Chubby Wise (who wrote Orange Blossom Special).

Still gigging and touring, doing all sorts of music. I love it all. 

I love performing. And, I also love teaching. I've taught 1000s of students over 25 years. I learned a long time ago that music is personal, and so is learning. Not everyone learns the same way. I customize our lessons to match your learning style, plus the music you'd like to play. I really like that my students are always introducing me to great new bands and songs, or bringing up classics that I'd forgotten about. Problem is, then I want to play all this great music in performance but the sets are only so long....

People are really busy, and I'll push you to reach your potential, but I'll never nag or guilt or any of that. Inspiring great playing is better.