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I've been playing guitar for a little over 25 years. I attended high school at Baltimore School for the Arts as a music major, where I got to hone my music theory skills and learn the finer points of phrasing and rhythmic placement.

Since then, I have focused on playing in bands. Arbouretum, a band I founded nearly ten years ago, is known for its solid songcraft and extended improvisational passages that feature intricate psychedelic guitar soloing. We've just completed our fifth full-length studio album and have toured consistently in the U.S. and Europe, playing both festivals and clubs. We even played a sold-out show at the legendary Carnegie Hall once!

Dave Heumann

I like to give students the tools they'll need to work with that will allow them to become better guitarists, emphasizing scales, modes, phrasing, and techniques that help build muscle memory. In addition to this, I like to help students understand better how chords and melody work together so that they can become fluent, not only with playing over changes, but also in crafting their own compositions.

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