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My name is Martin Connor, and I’m a songwriter who graduated from Duke University with a music degree of high distinction. For the past few years I've ran and maintained a website that helps deepen the average music listener’s appreciation of rap music by teaching him or her how to follow along to the elegant musical games and inventive rhythmic tricks that rappers subtly play in their songwriting techniques and lyrics. I apply the basic concepts of music theory to popular rappers such as Kanye West and Eminem in order to present them as authentic, original musicians on par with any classical pianist or rock guitarist. I do this through the use of music notation and statistical analysis of rapper's rhymes. During that time, I started offering lessons to rappers who would contact me through the site, and I would give them advice on their rhythms, rhymes, slang, and overall direction of their verses or songs. Now through Lessonface, I am offering those same lessons that my rap students have described as follows:

"You definitely showed me some stuff I didn't see before." - Richard Oasis

"The lessons on slang helped open up my vocab and make my style fit my home city, New York." - James "The Infinite" Lanning

You might ask, "Well, wouldn't I need someone like Nas or Eminem to improve my rap, or wouldn't that be better?" Well...maybe. But the problem with that is that some artists are so talented that they intuitively understand what it is they're doing. This means that their work is of a higher quality than most people's, but it also means that it is hard for them to explain it to other people. It is for this reason that the greatest coaches in sports aren't the superstar players like Michael Jordan (who has turned out to be pretty terrible in managerial capacities,) but the dedicated role players like Phil Jackson. From my musical and rapping experience, I understand how rap works, and can explain it to other people, when most rappers can't.

Dozens of my articles have been featured on BET, Complex, HipHopDX, RapGenius, and my own blog, and altogether have a total of over 600,000 page views. My work has won credentialed endorsements from legendary rappers like Pharoahe Monch, Jean Grae, and Talib Kweli, as well as from renowned Hip Hop writers Harry Allen and Adam Bradley. My writings have also garnered academic acclaim, as I’ve contributed to college courses, research papers, and have presented my own original music theory analysis at The Society of Composers Conference this October. 

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Martin is both very knowledgeable and excellent at explaining his knowledge.
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April 19th, 2018
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March 18th, 2017