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Mike Smith, a 2013 Long Island Music Hall Of Fame Inductee, is best known as the founder and drummer of New York death metal band Suffocation. Mike has toured the globe, been featured in publications such as Sick Drummer, Metal Insider, and Loudwire, and is a master of polyrhythms, syncopation, power, and speed. His unique style has brought him sponsorships from DDrum, Axis pedals, Meinl cymbals, Gibralter hardware, Evans heads, and Vic Firth sticks, among others.

Lessons are structured to each individual's skill level as well as to specific techniques that a student may desire to learn. The goal is NOT to teach from textbook drum theory.

I am a self-taught professional musician with 20+ years of recording and touring experience.

My genre of choice is Death Metal and extreme metal drumming in particular.

What I teach has come from actual trial and error, which has come from proven hands-on success.

Lessons focus on proper practice approach, coordination, strength, technique, and a student's individual uniqueness.

These elements will enable you as a drummer to enhance your music projects with diversity and well-placed emotion and groove. Extreme drumming is a rare and always evolving style of drumming that needs the most creative and determined players.

The time to start shaping the next generation of Blasters is now!

*Additional hours not currently available can be booked by messaging me using the "Contact Instructor" button.