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I am a skilled, experienced music teacher who has been teaching voice, piano, and composition lessons for over 20 years. Classically trained at the Cincinnati Conservatory, I have much practical experience in many other genres as well, having been a participant in many rock, pop, jazz, and contemporary Christian/worship groups and performance situations through the years. I am very successful at helping students excel in whatever style of music they prefer, and I am very skilled at getting novice players and singers up and running quickly, being able to read music and perform after just a few lessons.

Currently, I am very active in music in Arizona, where i now reside. After completing my masters degree in education to enhance my teaching skills, I have remained very busy as a full time musician with numerous activities in addition to teaching.  I regularly perform my varied repertoire consisting of originals, classic rock, smooth jazz and R & B, with country and pop hits included at various venues. I also am involved as producer, arranger, engineer and keyboard player in recording work of numerous genres as well as an accompanist and consultant/rehearsal leader for various churches and schools in the area.

Recently, I have enjoyed success with several of my recordings of original music and arrangements receiving thousands of plays and downloads throughout the world through most major internet streaming and download sites. You can sample some of my work by just searching for my name online and finding me in your favorite music service. Because of all these activities, taking lessons with me will give a student a very valuable real-time perspective on what it truly is like as a twenty first century professional in the music business. 

My style of teaching is based on positive motivation. I don't try to MAKE my students practice - I make them WANT to practice! 

I love seeing students progress. There is always noticeable improvement in the way my students perform after even just a few lessons.

Here is what some parents and students are saying about Ron's teaching:

5/5 stars Piano Lessons (for adults)

Ron is an exceptional teacher. I have learned more in 1 month than I have in 10 years of previous lessons. He is patient, encouraging and very good at explaining what he wants accomplished.

Markey B. on October 30, 2014

5/5 stars Singing Lessons (for children or teenagers)

My daughter has only had 2 sessions with Ron and he suggested she perform at the recital this past Sunday... She did amazing! Of course everyone there did. He has such a positive attitude and he's very patient with my daughter. I'm so glad that I was able to find him! I highly recommend you give him a try.

Anahi V. on October 26, 2015

5/5 stars Piano Lessons (for children or teenagers)

We hired Ron to teach our 8-year-old daughter piano. I am pleased with his experience and how he works with her. He pushes her past her comfort zone to grow musically, he encourages all the proper techniques that are necessary to become a good pianist. I highly recommend him.

Tracy B. on September 19, 2015

5/5 stars Piano Lessons (for children or teenagers) 

Ron has so much experience in the music business! He brings plenty of knowledge to my lessons, as well as fun and humor. He has a great method for practicing called "pack a lunch" that we use very often in our lessons. He can pick out any areas where I might be struggling and find a way to fix it and make it better. Ron's taste in music is also very broad. Whatever you wish to learn, he can help you with.

Caitlyn M. on August 6, 2015

5/5 stars Piano Lessons (for children or teenagers)

Ron is an active, engaged instructor. He has gotten our son excited about piano again.

Tonya M. on July 26, 2015

5/5 stars Singing Lessons (for adults)

Ron has helped me go from no experience with singing to a place were I can now understand the purpose of training your voice to do what it can do. He has taken me from a true novice to being someone comfortable learning what it takes to sing. His teaching methods fit well with my skill level and I continue to grow with each lesson. I actually am able to record some of the work I am doing with Ron which has been a long time goal of mine. Ron took my vision and turned it into a realty! He is a great teacher with skills in all areas of singing and recording.

Mark T. on May 22, 2015

After our first introductory session, I will advise students on any materials they may need to acquire, based on their learning goals and skill level. For all areas of instruction, curriculum is devloped around three primary categories of Music Theory, Technique, and Performance. My students are not just able to perform well, but they are also very smart performers - understanding the proper theory and technique behind all musical activities. 



Reviews of lessons with Ron Ferlito

He knows his subject very well and easily communicates with students, matching the way they learn with the way he presents the material. The lessons are challenging and productive.
Verified Student
March 7th, 2017