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Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Lead Guitar, Fingerstyle Guitar, Rock Guitar, Metal Guitar, Cello
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Ward Williams, cellist, guitarist, vocalist, and composer, grew up in Winston Salem, North Carolina.  At the age of 11, he discovered MTV and, consequently, the love of rock and roll music.  His love of MTV faded (due in part to such betrayals as The Jersey Shore), but his love of rock and roll continued (in spite of such betrayals as Staind).

After becoming an accomplished heavy metal guitar player through middle school and junior high, he joined the R.J. Reynolds High School Orchestra on a whim and discovered a love of the cello and classical music.  This obsession led him to a course of study at the North Carolina School of the Arts and a Bachelors degree in Cello Performance.

Upon his graduation, he joined the eclectic folk rock band, Jump, Little Children.  For 12 years, he toured the world and recorded albums with Jump on major and indie labels.  

In 2006, again on a whim, Ward moved to New York City.  Since then, he has been visible in the city's music scene, performing with artists such as Howie Day, Tam Lin, Frances Cone, Rachael Sage, Vienna Teng, The Paper Raincoat, Elizabeth and the Catapult, Alicia Witt, Brendan James, Chris Mann, The Wellspring, and Danny Ross. He performed with Brandi Carlile on the TV show, Austin City Limits (air date: 11/16/2010).


Music making is a privilege that should be available to anyone who has the inclination. Music is a language; if you can learn to talk, you can learn to play! I teach in a relaxed yet goal-oriented way, with an emphasis on good technique, basic music theory, and personal expression.  Students ultimately teach themselves; the teacher is a guide, one who offers shortcuts and shows a path to effortless musicianship. My first priority is for the lesson to be a joyful experience. I have a flexible teaching system, spontaneously evolving with each student.