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Bassist, composer, guitarist, vocalist and producer Yonit Spiegelman had performed on stages across the world including Israel, Austria, France, Belgium, across Canada and the US,   sharing stage with Paul Simon and Valerie Simpson and recordings for Spanish multi Latin Grammy winner  producer Javier Limon as well as performing alongside noted prominent musicians such as Tower of Power, French Horn Rebellion, Asaf Amdurski, David Broza, 'Banot', Eva Gertz, Layla Cante and the group Foreign Hues (lead by Spiegelman herself). Spiegelman is endorsed by the world famous GHS Strings and Moniker guitars. 

"Spiegelman is an incredibly versatile musician with a range that spans jazz, rock, R&B, singer-songwriter, and a plethora of international sounds."      She Shreds Magazine

Graduate of Rimon School for Contemporary Music in Israel and recipient of Israel Musicians' Union Scholarship for Jazz Performance, Spiegelman received scholarship for musical excellence from Berklee College of Music and the Brian Oliver memorial scholarship to attend Berklee College of Music. After graduating Summa Cum Laude and receiving bachelors degree in arts from Berklee, Spiegelman was hired as an instructor for Berklee's acclaimed youth program "Day Sessions", teaching the next generation of outstanding performers ages 9-15.

Yonit Spiegelman has carved out an extraordinary career distinguished by superb recordings, thrilling live appearances, the great respect of her industry peers, the admiration of music critics, and the fervent loyalty of her fans. Today Spiegelman resides in Brooklyn NY, performing in NYC with her own original music group Foreign Hues and alongside noted musicians in NYC area. Spiegelman is currently teaching instrumental studies of guitar, electric bass, voice, ukulele and piano. Spiegelman's teaching has an emphasis on every instrument individually and helps students master the craft as well as revealing students to the logic and depth of music theory, assisting with performance and educational needs. Spiegelman has a large variety of students and lesson plans  - from the absolute beginner to the advanced and professional, known for successfully preparing for Berklee College of Music auditions (with 100% success rate*).  

Read more about Yonit Spiegelman at www.yonitspiegelman.com

She Shreds Magazine  - http://sheshredsmag.com/yonit-spiegelman-musician-tips-timing/

Spiegelman's teaching has an emphasis on every instrument individually and helps students master the craft as well as revealing students to the logic and depth of music theory, assisting with performance and educational needs. Spiegelman has a large variety of students and lesson plans  - from the absolute beginner to the advanced and professional, known for successfully preparing for Berklee College of Music auditions (with 100% success rate*).

*recommanded minimum preparation for Berklee audition is 8 lessons and include revewing the student's performance, blues improvisation, sight reading and ear training.

Reviews of lessons with Yonit Spiegelman

Absolutely fantastic teacher! I've had some lessons with Yonit these months, and I can confirm what you read about her. She is a great person and musician, but her talent of listening carefully to you, and sort of diving into what you are doing, is what makes her an absolutely STUNNING teacher. She always find the right exercise to do so you can improve and seeing the results even sooner than you expect. It's been a great experience to have lessons with her here, and I think her attitude has really made the difference so far :) you'll see!
Luca, Verified Student
November 28th, 2017
Yonit is a great teacher! She is patient, knowlegeable, and prepared for every lesson. She takes the time to explain everything and makes sure that I am understand practice exercises and how they tie into the big picture.
Trevor, Verified Student
August 1st, 2017
Hey,Yonit!this is just a brief (might br long lol)message to say thank you...really.Not just because all the beautiful musical things that you taught me and show me,its more about how you could observe me in an extremely detailed and accurate way,and this,help me improve intrinsically! Few classes back we were having the rhythm dictation,i remember so clear you said this:silence is an important part of music,you,obvouisly noticed that i have some problem recognizing the rest length.I instantly noticed how ignorance i was,of course!silence IS A PART OF MUSIC,i mean,wow! Sometimes i think i listened careful enough and detailed enough when i m listening to songs,obviously i did not!your word,opened up a new door for me.Now i value the silence,i try to find out why these songs have a rest here with this length,and how special it makes people feel.Playing a lot of old songs that i think iam finished listening those,found some ignored interesting parts here and there,i just have one more angle to look at things and learn things!what an amazing delightful experience!
Verified Student
April 13th, 2017
Yonit is an amazing instructor - insightful, organized, and caring. I started lessons with her a few months before my Berklee audition, and as a result, I felt extremely well prepared. She is an amazingly talented musician on many instruments, and I would highly recommend her as a teacher.
Kelsey Johnson, Verified Student
February 5th, 2017
I have taken nearly 1 1/2 years of weekly lessons with Yonit and the quality of lessons that I have received is outstanding. I had taken formal lessons for piano and guitar in the past as a child. After a 20 year absence of playing any instrument, my lessons with Yonit have provided me with an in depth knowledge of my instrument (bass guitar) and a greater knowledge of the structure of music. In the time I've spent with Yonit, I've gone from picking up a guitar once every couple of weeks to playing daily and gigging with a local band. Yonit has been a great instructor, teaching me both what I need and what I want in order to be a better bass player. Thanks!
Colby Waters, Verified Student
January 11th, 2017
Our daughters acceptance letter to Berklee came today! We thoroughly feel Yonit's guidance, experience and preparation made all the difference. Our daughter will continue to do lessons with her and we can't wait to see where Yonit takes her next. We give her the highest of recommendations!
Matt and Greta Estes, Parents of Verified Student
December 19th, 2016
Mallory Rubin, Verified Student
November 23rd, 2016
Emma Lee, Verified Student
November 2nd, 2016
Great information. Connected well with student. Answered all of our questions-an awesome session!
Verified Student
October 11th, 2016
Will be a great help preparing for auditions.
Verified Student
September 15th, 2016
Hal, Verified Student
September 11th, 2016
She was great. Laid a good foundation for future lessons.
Himanshu Bhardwaj, Verified Student
June 10th, 2016
I am very lucky to have Yonit as my teacher; My bass playing has a newer clarity to it because I am starting to better understand how rhythm works. I can find no fault with this teacher. I am even starting to read music now too. The other thing I wanted to point out is that she is a good coach. I mean she has it all as an instructor; the patience, diligence, motivation. The last thing I wanted to point out is that when I take the stage, I feel like she is there quietly to the side guiding me. Sounds kinda weird but that's my experience so far. I am very happy with what I am learning and its rare to find this kind of teacher.
Mark, Verified Student
May 31st, 2016
I discovered Lessonface through a youtube video that I watched while I was trying to look for advice about how to go about my Berklee audition. I watched the video of Yonit Spiegelman and found it so useful and clear that I then searched for her on the Lessonface website. I booked two lessons of half an hour with her and we went through the doubts and questions I had about the audition. She helped me gain some confidence and helped me change around some things I was going to perform. We decided on an appropriate order of performance together and then talked a lot about the questions I would be asked for my interview. I gained a lot of understanding about how I wanted to express the things I wanted to say, and we practiced a little while in order to enhance the message I wanted to pass through. I cannot keep stressing how helpful my two lessons on Lessonface with Yonit were.
Constance G, Verified Student
April 5th, 2016
Yonit is amazing! I had a few sessions with her prior to my Berklee audition and she really went above and beyond what I expected. It was also great working with her because we focused on how to make my sound unique, and bringing more of myself into my audition pieces (which were a cover and an original). Going in, I felt very confident after our lessons together. Yonit is also very accommodating and easygoing - overall, it's been a great experience. I will definitely take lessons with her again in the future and recommend her to you.
Anastasia, Verified Student
December 5th, 2015
My daughter and I are both excited about our future lessons! Thank you Yonit!
Colby Waters, Verified Student
October 22nd, 2015
It was just our first lesson. She seems very nice! We will continue doing classes.
Richard, Verified Student
September 7th, 2015
Yonit is an excellent teacher. A week before my audition at Berklee I realized how severely unprepared I was for the audition. I found Lessonface and had one lesson with someone else before finding Yonit. She gave me a ton of availability to cram for the audition. I firmly believe I wouldn't have gotten into Berklee if not for Yonit's cram sessions and coaching. Her lessons were tailored to what I needed help with and I highly recommend her as a teacher.
Jessie Brown, Verified Student
June 1st, 2015
I have had one lesson but can tell the instructor is a professional and feel at this point very confident that my musical goals will be reached. It's great to have access to instructors with the credentials they have. This would not be possible otherwise.
Kenneth Redick, Verified Student
May 18th, 2015