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Willem Moolenbeek has performed across Canada as soloist with orchestras and bands, in recital and pop groups. His tone has been described by one reviewer as “setting a standard for tonal elegance in the world of reed playing”.

As a proponent of new works for his instrument he has premiered and recorded works by many Canadian composers. He has taught saxophone at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada  since 1987 and is an artist/clinician for Jupiter Instruments and Vandoren reeds. A result of his long tenure at a post secondary institution is that he now teaches the students of his students. 

His work has been featured in  Saxophone Journal and he has written articles for many publications including Canadian Musician,  Saxophone Journal and the Journal of the Ontario Music Educators' Association.

More information and links to articles and music can be found on his website. Please visit his youtube channel.

As a saxophone specialist I teach beginning to advanced players. I am encouraging and find a pace that complements the learning style and needs of the student.  I often have students come to me to analyze their playing and suggest corrections for problems they have developed. I am familiar with much of the standard repertoire and can prepare students for recitals, competitions and auditions. My goal is to enable students to develop a great sound and fluid technique that will allow them to play whatever music they choose with confidence.

Are you a beginner? I have started players of all ages. Correct techniques at the beginning will result in pleasing results and confidence. I can help with the selection of an instrument. Many former students have careers as players and educators. I have worked with elementary and high school students at the National Music Camp of Canada every summer since 1987.  I will teach you how to read music as well as how to play. The first lessons of younger students , ages 9-12, should be attended by a parent to assist with instrument and teaching space setup. 

The instrument must be in good working order. There are many moving parts and it should be tested by a competent player or technician prior to starting lessons online. I like to work with the Rubank series of instructional books. These are readily available and inexpensive.

Experienced player? I can help correct counterproductive habits and improve sound and technique. I teach on two university music faculties and can prepare you for auditions. Play with confidence and enjoyment any music you wish to play. Learn advanced techniques: vibrato, overtones, altissimo,  multiphonics, flutter tongue, growling, circular breathing and more. Many of my students play in school and community bands. Former students are professional players and teachers in schools and colleges. 

In all cases we can develop a practice routine to keep your progress on track. Remember that  practicing, even a  little, every day is the best way to develop your skills and the muscles required for success and enjoyment on any instrument. 

The times given on the website are generally a good place to start, but as the season develops the schedule may change. We can deal with any changes once we have established communication. In the fall and winter I will also have university classes that I will need to fit into the week (usually all day Wednesdays).


"Willem is an excellent saxophone educator: patient but relentless demanding attention to tone and proper technique."

-Juan E. Muñoz, MD and saxophone student.   

"Willem is not only a professional artist on the saxophone but also a very patient, sensitive and highly motivated teacher with lots of experience. So glad to have him as my teacher!"
-Martin Giebel, pastor and saxophone student 

"Willem's passion and insight as an instructor has inspired me not only to improve my performance ability but to go beyond what I thought I was capable of. I look forward to passing on his knowledge and insight to my students in the future."
-Lizuarte De Sousa, saxophonist and teacher 

And from a student and his mother:

Andrew's words... 

"Willem has been teaching me for four years, since I turned 11. 
Willem teaches at a fast pace, and it isn't easy, but if you stay with him you will grow more than with any other teacher. 
My confidence has grown a lot. I am comfortable on stage, and speaking publicly. 
I have been able to join groups like the KW Symphony Youth Concert Band and Senior Bands at Eastwood Collegiate, at a younger age than most other players. And even though I'm the youngest I am respected for my playing. 
I owe my playing skill to Willem. 
I couldn't ask for a better teacher."

Mother's words.. 

"Andrew, 15, has been working with Willem for four years. 
I greatly appreciate his professional approach which keeps the program moving forward, and constantly challenges Andrew. 
Willem's expectations are very high, and when Andrew earns praise he knows that he has accomplished something significant. 
As Andrew's ability increased Willem facilitated opportunities to support this growth. Willem prepared Andrew for auditions, and recommended him for participation at National Music Camp, where he instructs. These experiences have allowed Andrew to grow not only as a saxophonist, but as a person as well. 
Willem is a valued saxophone teacher, mentor and role model."

Reviews of lessons with Willem Moolenbeek

Verified Student
January 26th, 2018
I was very satisfied with the lesson and the feedback I got. I did better than I expected
Vijay Khatri, Verified Student
December 11th, 2017
My first 15 min intro was ver productive. I'm looking forward to improving my musical skills.
Chuck Reed, Verified Student
November 28th, 2017
Verified Student
November 8th, 2017
I have been a student of Willem for 4 years now. Hopefully, you are aware what an artistic as well as pedagogic asset he could be for Lessonface!
Verified Student
November 18th, 2016
Verified Student
February 10th, 2018