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Hello, I am Amanda Austin, a Sing! Collective instructor for Lessonface.

I am a professional operatic soprano and voice instructor sharing the knowledge that I have acquired in 20 years of collective private training, performance, and vocal pedagogy. I work with students of all ages to cultivate their unique artistic voices. My individualized and holistic approach supports students through a diverse array of artistic accomplishments. Some of the goals we have met included full scholarships to music conservatories, recitals, cabarets, professional engagements, solo album recordings, vocal rehabilitation, and most importantly, joy in making music.

The Sing! Collective is a virtual collection of classically trained professional vocalists collaborating to help you meet your goals. Sing!'s instructors establish healthy and beautiful singing technique, develop confidence, and share your voice.  For more information visit: 

My students have included opera, musical theater, jazz, folk, pop, and rock vocalists with ages ranging from 6-75 years old. I am currently based in Asbury Park, NJ where I  teach out of my private studio at the Jersey Shore Arts Center. I have taught at The Manhattan School of Music, Harlem School of the Arts, Chautauqua Voice Institute, Opus Dance and Theatre Inc. etc. in both group and private lessons.  All of my lessons to each student's individual needs and build technique that establishes healthy singing across all musical genres.

In lessons, I focus on vocal production and maintenance (resonance, breath support/control, registration), musicianship, storytelling, and cultivating a love for music-making. My goal as your teacher is to give you as many skills as you need to develop independently towards your goals and sing with confidence.  As a classically trained vocalist, I particularly enjoy teaching the amazing ways our bodies resonate and how to use that awareness to create a wide vocal range and palette of expression.

Diction lessons are available for vocalists who wish to sing in English, French, German, Italian, and learn about the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). 

Acting for Singers classes and career consultations are available under the "Artist Development" program. 

My teaching style addresses the entire vocal instrument: mind, body, and spirit. 


  • Musicianship (ear training, music theory and fundamentals)
  • Storytelling (communication through imagination and diction that aids your vocalism)
  • Kinetic memorization


  • Vocal Anatomy 
  • Breath Support 
  • Resonance 
  • Mastery of Articulators (tongue, teeth, lips)
  • Posture


  • Practical tools to create confidence and shed performance anxiety. 
  • Defining practical steps towards long and short term goals aligned with your passion.

Each lesson is a combination of physical stretching, vocal warm-up, technique building, and repertoire or skill development.

The Manhattan School of Music, MM'18, BM'14, Vocal Performance - New York, NY
Lake House Music Academy, Instructor (Voice, Piano) - Asbury Park, NJ
Harlem School of the Arts, Instructor (Voice, Music, Drama, Musical Theater) - New York, NY
The Chautauqua Voice Institute, Instructor (Voice) - Chautauqua, NY
Opus Dance & Theatre Inc. (Voice, Music, Drama, Musical Theater) - Brooklyn, NY

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