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Designed to help you discover your voice.

About the Sing! Collective

Online voice and singing lessons. Sing! is comprised of professional singers and music educators currently working in the performance industry. This collection of instructors and classically trained vocalists work with each other to bring you specialized coachings to meet your goals, in addition to your private lessons. Sing!'s instructors, masterclasses, group classes, and subscription packages are here to help you establish healthy and beautiful singing technique, confidence, and share your voice.

Welcome to Sing! Master Classes and Live Online Group Classes will be announced soon.

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    Meet Your Voice Instructors

    Our international roster of artists have performed on stages including The Metropolitan Opera, Carnegie Hall, The Kennedy Center, LA Opera, Santa Fe Opera, Opera Theatre of Saint Louis, and internationally with the Bavarian State Opera, The Paris Opera, The Canadian Opera Company, and more.

    Sing!'s instructors have trained at world renowned programs and music conservatories including Juilliard, Manhattan School of Music, University of Toronto, New England Conservatory, Ravinia Steans Music Institute. All Sing! Instructors are passionate educators and share their wealth of performance, audition, and professional experience with their students and Sing! Collective's Community. Find your ideal teacher below, or sign up for a free consultation with the Sing! Collective advisor, Simona Genga.


    Meet Your Advisor

    Excited about Sing! but not sure where to start? Our Student Advisor, Simona Genga is here to help! For all students wishing to share their goals, receive guidance, and create a learning plan, Sing!'s Student Advisor is here to welcome you! Simona is an Opera Singer, an Administrator and also passionate about life coaching and helping others. Simona will check-in with you after joining the collective and is here to answer any questions you may have about the collective and its resources. Click here to get started with a free 15 minute Student Advisor Session or book time to check in on your goals, and gain the insight and support to begin your journey and get matched with our instructors and coaches.

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    What is the Sing! Collective?
    The Sing! Collective is a virtual learning community designed to help you discover your voice. Whether you are just starting out, a non-classical singer looking to explore bel canto technique, or a classical singer looking for guidance when preparing for auditions and growing your craft, we can help! Our collective is composed of Professional Singers performing in some of the world's greatest stages who will share techniques with you to develop beautiful and healthy singing.

    How does the Sing! Collective work?
    Our positive and open community supports your artistry through lessons, coaching, masterclasses, and group classes. Your customized team includes your primary teacher and coaches within the collective for specialized support. Each instructor has unique expertise ranging from crossover and multi-genre singing, to varying styles of repertoire and languages (as well as experience in houses and programs across North America and Europe!). To get started, our student advisor will be happy to help you find the teacher and coaches best suited to your goals. We welcome you into our growing online community at Sing!

    Why Sing!?
    Our collective is unique. All of the Sing! instructors work together to offer you the most individually catered and specific support. Our collaborative emphasis aims to foster a positive and open environment to support healthy vocal technique, storytelling, the building of your repertoire, confidence, and musicianship. The Sing! Collective will provide you an opportunity to access and participate in exciting masterclasses, group classes, discussions, and programs designed to provide performance opportunity and exposure to experts in the performance industry.

    Do I need to be a classical singer to join the collective?
    No! Sing! promotes technique that is healthy, sustainable, and applicable to the vocal demands of any genre. Classical singing technique gives singers of all interests a chance to learn how to healthily support their voices, improve stamina, clarity tone, and create vocal freedom. Since the Classical voice is trained to sing without assistance of external amplification the tools you gain from your lessons can translate into any other genre and other professional platforms including public speaking, communication skills, learning different languages, as well as personally increase your confidence and creativity.

    Who are the Sing! Instructors?
    Our collective is made up of a balanced group of Classical singers from various levels and stages in their professional careers. Each member of our collective is dedicated to using Sing! to provide you the training best suited for your goals. Our international roster of artists have performed on stages including The Metropolitan Opera, Carnegie Hall, The Kennedy Center, LA Opera, Santa Fe Opera, Opera Theatre of Saint Louis, and internationally with the Canadian Opera Company, Bayerischer Staatsoper, Opera nationale de Pari, Oper Gliessen and more. Our Teachers have trained at many world renowned programs and schools including Manhattan School of Music, Julliard, University of Toronto, Gerdine Young Artist Program, New England Conservatory, Merola, and Ravinia Steans Music Institute.

    Why online learning?
    Online Learning provides convenient, sustainable, and exciting opportunities no matter where life may take you. Sing! can meet you where you are at whatever continent or workspace that may be. You can gain access to teachers from all over the world and can take your training with you wherever you are, even the comfort and flexibility of your home.

    Who is the Sing! Student advisor?
    Simona is an Opera Singer, an Administrator, and passionate about helping others. Click here to get started with a free 15 minute Student Advisor Session where Simona will help you find the best teacher for your goals. Sign up here (link newsletter) to receive special discounts, news, and more information about upcoming programs with Sing!

    What is unique about Sing!?
    The teachers and program are here for you, at your leisure. The collective provides holistic education without the huge price tag, learning from instructors who are currently active in the industry and can mentor you through the current standards, performance practices, auditions, competitions, etc. Sing! give you access to a passionate and collaborative community of music educators and professional performers.