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Acoustic Guitar, Ukulele, Piano, Loog Certified Guitar, Keyboard, Guitar, Banjo, Guitalele, Baritone Ukulele
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***  My studio is currently at capacity and I am unable to except new students. Please check out the other amazing teachers on Lessonface! ***

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I have been teaching private music lessons for over 30 years. Having studied under some amazing professionals throughout primary and secondary school, and then at Ohio University, I learned the value of positive reinforcement in music education. No two students are the same - nor do they learn the same way or at the same pace.  Therefore, I make no comparisons from student to student. I structure each student’s program to his/her specific needs and talents. I believe in a well-rounded approach that includes music theory.

I am a full-time musician.  In addition to teaching private piano, guitar and ukulele lessons I am a church choir director and praise-and-worship band leader.

My students range in age from 6 to over 80.

Learning music should be fun and enjoyable, so I am all about patience and positive reinforcement.  I'm not heavy-handed, and I believe that no 2 students learn exactly the same way.  What works for one student may not work for another.

Lessons are once per week. The purpose of the lesson is for me to assess how the student progressed with practice throughout the week and identify the areas that need attention and help with those areas. 

So while I do use a standard "curriculum", the pace at which we go, and the emphasis I place on certain skills will vary from student to student.

The important thing to remember is that all I am able to do as a teacher - and, indeed any teacher - is supplement the work that is going on in the home.  It is up to the student to practice. And, if that student is a younger child, it is up to the parents or guardians to ensure that your child practices fruitfully so the investment you are making in your child's music education does not go to waste.

If you already have books, chances are I can use them. I just need to know the name, publisher and edition if applicable. If you don't have books,  these are my preferences. 
Piano and keyboard

 High school teens to Adults - Alfred Adult All-In-One Course

Middle-school to Junior high - Alfred Complete Lesson book Theory Workbook

Ages 6-11 - Alfred All-In-One Plano Course for Children


Essential Elements for Guitar - Book 1


Essential Elements for Ukulele - Book 1


Begin with Ukulele book (see above) and supplement with Guitarlele for Ukulele & Guitar players

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