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I'm a musician based in Bogotá, Colombia. I started playing the guitar at 10 and at 13 began to play at local rock and blues clubs in the city. Gradually became interested in progressive, fusion, and jazz, and have had the fortune to play with some of the greatest musicians in the city. I consider myself a very creative person who developed the ability to compose, arrange, and produce music. Currently, I'm playing in local Jazz and Colombian music projects, recording original music, and teaching everything I have learned along the way to my students. 

I have been teaching since 2016, and playing and creating music since 2007. My background is mainly in jazz, but I love to play and teach other styles such as rock, Soul, R&B, and folk music. I started teaching in local academies and became the teacher assistant of jazz guitar during my Bachelor's degree. I graduated in 2020 and have been teaching online to international and local students since that. I also perform, arrange, compose and produce music regularly in my own and local projects. 

I have won some local competitions as a composer and a jazz instrumentalist on a local and national level. I have also had the privilege of performing and collaborating with some of the best musicians in the country. 

My teaching style consists of first getting to know the student in order to establish some goals for the lessons, I like to adapt all the tools at my disposal to the needs of my student. Depending on the goals previously established I will shape the content of the lessons. For example, if the student isn't interested in pursuing a musical career but just wants to learn guitar as a hobby, I like to use songs to teach them about music and guitar in a playful and fun way, in this manner the student will see progress and at the same time will have a lot of fun during the lessons. 

By contrast, if the student wants to be a professional musician I like to divide the study plan into 5 main categories (technique, repertoire, transcription, interiorization of the language, and applied music theory) and create specific assignments related to each one. Each assignment is focused on the needs of the particular student.

1- Bachelor of Music
Universidad Sergio Arboleda, Bogotá, Col
2015 - 2020
. Achieved the “Suma cum laude” distinction, for having a high GPA (4.52 out of 5.0).
2- XIV international jazz workshop, certificate program
Universidad Sergio Arboleda in association with Jazz at Lincoln Center-NYC, Bogotá, Col
. Participated in ensemble classes with some of the best global jazz musicians
(Jerome Jennings, Greg Gisbert, Bartolomeo Barenghi).
3 - Certificate program in conducting jazz ensembles
Universidad Sergio Arboleda in association with Jazz at Lincoln Center-NYC, Bogotá, Col
. Participated in ensemble and arranging classes with some of the best Colombian and global jazz musicians

I have developed a teaching method that starts with the fundamentals of music first. Usually I would encourage my students to learn the basic chords and chord progressions first, teaching them songs that use these structures,then I like to explain to them how these songs work. Gradually I will start to introduce them to more difficult songs always relating every concept to a real musical situation.

Here are some reviews of my students: 

"Nico's guitar playing and music attracted me - and his offering is exactly what I was looking - Jazz guitar improvisation. I am a guitar players of over 40 years of playing experience but would like to systematically acquire the skills in Jazz. Nico is an excellent communicator and understand my needs; he is very responsive and communicate effectively to my questions and I am convinced that I will be able to transform myself with his teaching. I have therefore engaged in longer term lessons. From the initial lessons, I already have learned something that I was not aware in my years of playing. A highly recommendable teacher." - Kenny, from Hong Kong

"The package lessons have been excellent. I have had a major discovery and microscopic analysis in Modes and through the guided exercises, they stands to become my valuable skill set for Jazz guitar improvisation. I am embarking on transcription project and I am pursuing additional package lessons to build my skills. Highly recommendable."- Kenny, from Hong Kong

"I'm a beginner and I learned a lot of great tips to start off with. He was very helpful in explaining basic music theory and jazz concepts to me. He also shared some helpful online resources to get to know the instrument." - Ben, from the United States. 



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