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Hi, my name is Tyson Farmer and I'm an online guitar, vocal, ukulele, banjo, and music theory teacher who teaches students of all skill levels. I love traveling the world, hiking & camping in nature with my fiancee and our dog Kaya, learning new ideas and philosophies, and laughing until my face hurts.

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I have been teaching music, singing, and playing the guitar professionally for over 30 years, and can confidently lead you to your music goals faster. I teach guitar and a wide variety of other instruments to students age 13 and up, including rock, jazz, metal, classical, country, 80s rock, classic rock, funk, and many more. I also teach a wide variety of specialized playing techniques, like fingerpicking, improvisation, developing speed in scales and chords, singing while playing an instrument, playing and learning music by ear, songwriting, understanding music theory on a practical level, and much more. I start by teaching my students the important concepts they need to get them playing quickly by using the music that THEY are familiar with, like to listen to, and want to play- no "Mary Had a Little Lamb" or boring exercises! I work at each student's pace and try to personalize my teaching style to their individual way of learning. 
    I can teach anyone from the absolute "square one" beginner who has never played a guitar or other instrument before, to a musician of any skill level who wants to take it to the next level or get back on track with their playing. I can also provide students help with specific goals- preparing any student for a musical college music major placement or auditions, high school senior projects, skills for playing in a school jazz or rock band program or church praise and worship group, and tutoring for better grades in music theory class (high school or college level).



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I have been playing guitar for over 40 years, and have been performing and teaching professionally for over 30 years. Currently I sing and play guitar at weddings, corporate events, birthday parties and other events as a "One Man Band" - a completely self-sufficient musician who plays to background tracks through a sound system. I also play in a top-rated wedding band, Emerald Empire Band. I studied classical guitar at Kennesaw State University, and jazz guitar at Georgia State University. In addition to taking 6 years of vocal lessons through middle and high school, I attended choir classes from 7th grade through my college years, and attended the Governor's Honors program in my junior year for voice (where I minored in an advanced theory class). In addition, I have picked up skills in other instruments along the way to supplement and diversify my professional portfolio. My performance experience includes numerous restaurants, weddings, corporate events, parties, and working with various celebrity impersonators.

I use a "music comes first" approach in my lessons.  This means that as soon as possible after we've covered the basics (basic mechanics of how to make notes and chords, how to use your hands on your instrument, how to read chord grids and/ or basic tablature, etc), I will start right into using songs and styles that the student likes as examples and excuses to start practicing and using these basics in a rewarding way. This also means that since every student is different, with unique tastes and learning styles, I will provide and custom-create the tablatures, chord charts, and lesson materials as the student progresses, allowing the student to compile their own customized "lesson book" that gets more robust as they grow in the lessons and on their own. 

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