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Hi, I'm one of the founders of Lessonface. 

My career path has been varied in role and industry, with its focus on creating enterprises that connect people and ideas. I have an MBA from MIT and a BA in History from the College of Charleston. Prior to Lessonface, I was founder or had leadership roles at CleanEdison, a green education company acquired by Kaplan; Celedu, a mobile app for teaching literacy in Hindi that started out of a class at the MIT Media Lab; BiblioBazaar, a publishing company that puts back into print books gone out of print; and when just out of college, NotSo Hostel, a youth hostel in Charleston, SC. 

Born and raised in South Carolina, I've been living in NYC since 2009. I miss the South, but love the energy of living in the city.


If you would like to connect about Lessonface, music education, online learning, or other topics you believe would be of mutual interest, please send me a note below. 

I am a music student rather than teacher: 10 years of violin lessons, 2 of piano, 1 of flute, and a summer of fiddle, growing up. Currently am learning mandolin from Alan Epstein

The spark that is created by a great teacher is a catalyst for self-discovery and development like no other. Digitization of learning has largely focused, to date, on humans interacting with computers, and I believe there's a need to make sure that the power of human expertise -- real live interaction for goal-setting, motivating, empathizing, as well as transfer of knowledge and expertise remains in the learning process as much as possible -- creating better outcomes for students and teachers. That's what we're doing here at Lessonface.

No need to keep reading about me! Go find an amazing music teacher.