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Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Mixing Techniques - Artist & Group, Audio Recording and Music Production, Guitar, Apple Logic Pro, Avid Pro Tools, Blues Guitar, DADGAD Guitar, DAWs, Fingerstyle Guitar, General Mixing and Mastering, Neo Soul Guitar, Production Templates, Production Workflow
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Please send me a message if you haven't found the right day/time in my calendar, we can work it out .

Based in Milan Italy, Gabriele is a professional instructor and session guitarist

He studied electric guitar at Centro Professione Musica  (the highest music school in Italy) where he graduated in Contemporary Guitar and Teaching Methods. Later on - 2010/2013 - he started working at the school as guitar and music theory teacher. In 2014 he became interested in learning Fingerstyle Acoustic guitar, he met the fingerstyle virtuoso Pietro Nobile which led him through this journey, Gabriele opened his concerts and made duets with him between Italy and Switzerland. He ended up publishing a solo record called 'Play' in 2018.  He also worked in the live environment for festivals and events with mainly 2 bands in neo-soul and rock style. Today Gabriele is a full time studio player (Kirby; Pink Sweat$; Stick Figure), a guitar instructor for either in person and online students and a producer/beat maker. 

Rates for acoustic and electric guitar lessons or audio production and mixing techniques   are $25/30min, $35/45min, $45/60min.

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Hi there this is Gabriele! I provide guitar and music production lessons 

In my lessons, I guide students towards their goals by offering valuable content that saves them time and minimizes frustration. I understand the challenges of feeling lost after years of playing music without proper guidance or being overwhelmed by the sea of information available.

My programs are designed to drive students toward the essence of their goals, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable learning journey. I've been teaching music in the last 20 years, I have a wealth of tips and tricks to offer, all aimed at helping students enjoy their own music! 

I'm happy to help whether you are a complete beginner or an intermediate player.  

I specialize in teaching a range of guitar styles, including Acoustic Guitar (pick-style), Acoustic Fingerpicking Guitar (fingerstyle), and Electric Guitar. Additionally, I offer instruction in Music Production and Mixing Techniques to provide a comprehensive musical education. 


No more interruptions during lessons! We've all faced the frustration of asking our teacher to adjust the camera just when we're about to nail a challenging chord or complex scale. I've taken online teaching seriously and created a virtual classroom that offers an exceptional learning experience:

  • High-Definition Stereo Audio: Enjoy crystal-clear, stereo sound quality.
  • Dynamic Camera Choices: you can easily switch between camera angles for a seamless view of your choice.

I'm looking forward seeing you in the class!

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Verified Student
on January 12, 2021

Great class! The teacher is very patient and helpfulThis class is really beneficial and focuses on paying attention to detail when playing scales. I am learning a lot and enjoying working on chords and scales.

Fingerstyle Guitar
Nitin M.
on March 9, 2021

Fantastic class, lots of tips and tricks that I had not learnt elsewhere and overall Gabriele makes sure you don't forget music is about enjoyment and having fun.

Fingerstyle Guitar
Nitin M.
on April 20, 2021

Gabriele is very diligent, prepared and a solid teacher. He makes you work, is vested in making you a great fingerstyle guitar player and focuses on things that others don't - like breathing, how to pluck the strings etc.

Fingerstyle Guitar
Amy C.
on July 6, 2021

Gabriele is a fantastic knowledgeable teacher that really pays attention to all these details about your playing. Really amazing class!

Fingerstyle Guitar
David M. on July 20, 2021

This is an amazing teacher and it was an amazing class! This class challanged me. Fingerstyle Guitar is a lot different than anything that I'm used to, but the teacher is very positive and encouraging and has motivated me to keep practicing and get better. I was surprised by how many great suggestions the teacher had for me to improve, from my hand placement to the pressure I was using to pluck the strings! The different tips and techniques the instructor suggested will help my guitar playing go a long way!!

Fingerstyle Guitar
Ed C.
on August 3, 2021

It was a very good class, well organized, clear instruction.

Acoustic guitar fundamentals

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Fingerstyle guitar

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fingerstyle based compositions here's a playlist to get into it

Electric Guitar

curriculum_electric_guitar.pdf  what to know and what to expect

electric guitar based music just a small bite of the electric guitar world

Music Production

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Bending tips and tricks

Barre' tips and tricks

How to send a reverb in Pro Tools

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