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Hi, my name is Nicola and I have been fascinated by music since I was a toddler.

My family is very musical and I loved trying out all the instruments around our house! However, it wasn't until I saw my first ballet at five, that I discovered the magic of the harp and knew it was the instrument of my dreams!

How extremely lucky I was to have been able to learn harp in two different ways:
Classical concert harp with sheet music and theory and traditional Celtic harp by ear.

The harp is much more versatile, than many think and I love the wide variety of styles possible on the harp: pop, rock, jazz, Celtic, folk from around the world, as well as classical.

I love teaching both pedal- (single and double action) and lever harps, and composing music for this instrument.

Levels: Beginners - Advanced


Experience: I have had experience both as a performer, a teacher (private and groups), and composer.

I have performed both as a soloist and with artists such as Tony Wegscheider, Berni Beibl (Tangerine Dream), Günther Mokesch (Mo), Skylight, just to mention a few.

Some of the workshops with numerous re-invites:
Stamford Harp Festival, UK
Deutsches Harfentreffen, Lauterbach, Germany
Harfentreffen, Mosenberg, Germany
Harfen  Frühling, Krumbach, Austria,
Harp Workshop, Stein/Bad Loipersdorf, Austria
Harp Workshop, Vienna, Austria

I love composing and have a series of books called "Progressing Whilst Playing Harp". My compositions have been recorded by harpists such as Anne Kox-Schindelin and Uta Deilmann.

Teaching style: individually tailored to the students needs.  I love teaching and believe learning should be fun!

Are you looking for a patient teacher with a sense of humor, and would like to explore the world of harp? Learning should be a fun experience, and you can learn to play by ear, or sheet music - or both!

Some of the literature I work with:
Classical harp: Grandjany, Salzedo, Bochsa, Renié, Zamara, Andres, etc.
Volksharfe: Bertha Höller, Tobi Reiser, etc.
Jazz, pop, rock: Mainly adapting piano sheet music
South American: Ortiz, Lorenz, etc.
Celtic/Irish: O'Carolan, Robertson, Pampuch, etc.

In addition, I have a series of books called "Progressing Whilst Playing Harp", which are a fun way to learn different harp techniques, plus you have a piece worth playing at the end :-)

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