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Hand Drums, Percussion, Daf...
Ziya Tabassian began playing the tombak (Iranian drum) at the age of ten. After a brief initiation period in Iran, he continued his autodidactic training in Quebec, his adopted homeland.From 1994 to 2001, he studied classical Western percussion with Julien Grégoire and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in interpretation from the Université de Montréal.
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I studied classic percussion at the La Plata city Conservatory with the master Ernesto Ringer (Colon theater percussionist). I studied drums with the master Horacio Gianello and Hindu percussion (tabla) with the master Sanjay Badhoriya and Armony with the master Horacio Moscovici.
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Hand Drums, Cajon, Daf...
Hello, my name is Roee. I have been playing and researching ethnic drums such as Frame Drum, Doumbek and Riqq for for 15 years. I've been studying for years in the "Middle Eastern Music center" in Jerusalem and also privately with great teachers such as Erez Munk, Yishay Afterman and Lev Alman.I've been teaching private and group lessons on ethnic hand drums for ten years.
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