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For many, a big part of music is performing. The Open Mic is a space for Lessonface teachers and students to express their musical gift to a welcoming audience. Join for your chance to share your gift and accomplishments, and be inspired by what others within the Lessonface community have achieved.

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Lessonface Open Mic


The Open Mic takes place online at Lessonface.

Sessions hosted by Leah Kruszewski, at 3 pm ET | 12 pm PT | 20:00 UTC.

Check out the Open Mic session schedule below. On the dropdown menu above, you can select the session you'd like to sign up for.

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT
Open Mic
Leah Kruszewski
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT
Open Mic
Leah Kruszewski

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Skill Level

Open for Lessonface students & teachers of all skill levels.

How It Works

The Open Mic takes place online at the Lessonface online classroom. Students and audience can join and interact online from anywhere.
Participants get access to the link to join after signing up.


The Open Mic is open for friends & family to watch and interact as well! Feel free to invite them by sharing the page with them!


The Open Mic sessions are recorded to the Lessonface cloud, but won't be published automatically. If you would like to retrieve your recording for later review, or if you wouldn't like to be recorded at all, please let us know via email at

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