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Electric Guitar, Painting, Book Arts...
Olli is a Teaching Artist with passion for art history and...yarn! She has been working alongside professional artists as an assistant, consultant, and curator for over 10 years and stepped into the roll of teaching two years ago. Given an exposure to many different media and a passion for learning how art practices develope over time, Olli is a well-spring of creative
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Photography, Book Arts, Book Making...
Sara Dismukes is a multidisciplinary artist and educator based in Montgomery, Alabama.
$50.00 / 30 minutes
Fiber Arts, Book Arts, Paper Art...
Since first encountering The Penland Book of Handmade Books at the public library in 2006, I have been passionate about making books and have been learning and practicing the crafts involved in making books – binding, making paper, marbling paper, creating book cloth, and woodworking.
$50.00 / 30 minutes
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Book Arts
Alex McClay lives and works in Cincinnati, Ohio as an interdisciplinary artist, an instructor in Printmaking at the University of Cincinnati and the 2022 Artist-in-Residence at Tiger Lily Press. She graduated with an MFA in Studio Art from the University of Georgia in 2021. She received her BFA in Studio Art from the University of Cincinnati in 2014.
$50.00 / 30 minutes
Photography, Book Arts, Calligraphy...
I am a freelance illustrator with a passion for coaching students to excel in their field. After spending my life in India, I was the first woman from my family who left on her own in order to establish themselves abroad. At 22 years old I completed my masters in graphic design in the UK, after which I decided to stay and work here.
$15.00 / 30 minutes
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