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Flamenco and classical guitarist Leah Kruszewski loves introducing young beginners to their first songs, helping adult students rediscover their inner musician, and guiding classical and flamenco players in advanced, specialized study.   Leah currently accompanies flamenco singers and dancers in  Seville, Spain and travels regularly to the USA for festivals and performances.

A native of Richmond, Virginia (USA), Leah studied classical guitar at Virginia Commonwealth University and performed extensively as a soloist and in local classical and world music ensembles.  She founded and led the flamenco-inspired ensemble Sueños Gitanos and has been co-directing and performing in VCU's Flamenco Festival since its inception. While living in Richmond, Leah also played in the Portuguese fado group Fado Nosso and the Richmond Guitar Quartet (classical guitar).  She moved to Seville, Spain in 2013, where she studied flamenco guitar at the Fundación Cristina Heeren and has since made performing flamenco guitar and teaching online guitar lessons her two primary pursuits.

Lessons with Leah are positive and productive, and she adapts her teaching to give each individual the kind of instruction they need to enjoy the guitar and develop musically.  She has been teaching for over ten years and gives careful thought and attention to her students' needs and interests when planning their curriculums. 

Leah specializes in classical and flamenco guitar and loves working with students of all levels, absolute beginner to advanced, in these genres.   Flamenco guitar lessons concentrate on learning the basics of flamenco technique, understanding flamenco rhythm, and acquiring a repertoire of falsetas and solo material in a variety of song forms.  Classical guitar lessons center around learning and refining classical guitar technique, approaches to interpretation, and building a well-rounded and interesting repertoire that includes pieces from many styles and eras.  

Leah also enjoys teaching acoustic guitar to beginning and intermediate players of all genres - folk, fingerstyle, pop, rock, etc.    Leah relates well to children and adapts her teaching to give individual students what they need to learn best.  She moves patiently and thoroughly through the fundamentals and lays out very clear goals both within the lessons and for practice time between lessons.  Along with learning the essentials, Leah mixes in plenty of fun songs and games to keep music fun and interesting.   For older students, Leah arranges a flexible curriculum that follows the student's interests.  Leah typically dedicates half the lesson to topics of technique and theory that apply to student's interests, and the other half to learning songs of their choice.

Explore the curriculum of the genre of your choice here, or download the PDFs at the bottom of this page:

Flamenco Guitar

Classical Guitar

Acoustic Guitar for Children

Acoustic Guitar for Adults.  

Leah also writes music articles that many students, parents, and potential students may find helpful.  Check out the ones that apply to you:

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Reviews of lessons with Leah Kruszewski

Verified Student
November 12th, 2017
Extremely knowledgeable and practical. Not afraid to answer your questions and keep you on your original path.
Verified Student
September 26th, 2017
I am a beginner and Leah was very careful to be patient and informative. I found her friendly and nice to work with.
Verified Student
June 18th, 2017
“My advice? Even if you are learning from DVDs and lessons on the web, get a teacher! It’s so important to have somebody who can recognize your mistakes right off the bat-they can correct at lot of bad habits immediately! “PETE HUTTLINGER stated this shortly before he passed away. His music is well known, but his name is not so I have given some information about him below. I took the Flamenco course with Leah last summer and have previously reviewed it. Even while I was taking the course, I had decided to do individual lessons with Leah; it was just a matter of when. Yes, I have more instructional DVDs, books, and handouts than I can fathom. Yes, I have had in person group lessons, and private lessons locally. My first individual lesson with Leah was on March 1, 2017. I had high expectations after the Flamenco course; my expectations were exceeded. To use Pete’s criteria, not only did Leah instantaneously identify my bad habits on a song which I have been working on for a couple of weeks, but she guided me through several techniques to correct the same. I have had others who have recognized the bad habits, but Leah was the first to give me remedies. Later in the day, I decided to use what Leah taught on some other songs I had long “mastered.” WOW.. I was demonstrating the same bad habits/mistakes on these songs and exercises. I hadn’t noticed it before and now have some basics to make the changes. Ironically, I was making these mistakes on exercises from one of Pete’s instructional DVDs and fortunately Leah’s instruction was the difference that makes the difference! She is the seventh teacher since I resumed playing guitar. I am looking forward to my next lesson…. 7 seems to be a lucky number. Pete Huttlinger, who is best known for being the lead guitarist for John Denver, LeAnn Rimes, John Oates, many other artists and performed virtuoso fingerstyle guitar across the USA and Europe and had congenital heart defects, needed a heart pump assist device and retrained himself to play guitar after being paralyzed by a stroke. Because of the arthritis in my hands I decided to study with him at one of his groups in Nashville. I figured he would be a person who could be helpful after several other noteworthy and high profile fingerstyle guitar players had not been helpful. Tragically, he passed away at age 54 from a second stroke at a time I was clearing my calendar to see him. Finally, Pete worked diligently to codify the songs and styles of John Denver, Gordon Lightfoot, Dan Fogleberg, and Jim Croche into solo guitar instrumentals.
Verified Student
March 2nd, 2017
I had the privilege of knowing and playing with Leah in a classical guitar ensemble in the summer of 2013 prior to her departure for Spain. We were in the same voice group and sat side by side. During the several rehearsals sessions, she impressed upon me as a guitarist with textbook perfect posture with solid fundamentals. Never heard she ever made any mistake. I felt apprehensive and intimidated playing first time beside a professional musician with great reputation. However her friendly and easy going personality put me at ease without her realizing it. Her fabulous Suenos Gitano CD introduced me first to the rhythms of flamenco. And finally I had the opportunity to learn from Leah how to play. The experiences from the online lessons confirmed my first impression of her and much more. Her teaching was precise and organized in introducing techniques and giving out homework. The flow of each session was well thought of with maximum efficiency. She was very patient with my poor ability in chord recognition and always willing to offer help to clarify. I found her teaching inspiring and motivating. The ability of being able to watch carefully Leah’s finger movement in the recorded videos helped immensely in my practice. Will not hesitate a moment to highly recommend Leah to anyone who is interested.
Frank, Flamenco Guitar Group Class
December 19th, 2016
A local acquaintance told me about Leah, and Ive wanted to push ahead with flamenco for a long time. This was the push I needed. And, my wife and I got to have dinner with Leah in Sevilla, Spain in October. She's the best.
Pete, Verified Student
November 21st, 2016
It is not easy to find a good teacher, especially for the art of flamenco guitar. At first I thought that I will learn by only watching but very soon I discovered that the road is longer and more difficult than I had imagined, and that it is necessary to have a Mentor (Maestro!) Who will guide me carefully and recognize my weaknesses and help me move forward. During my acquaintance with Leah (approximately 24 study hours) I got to know a punctual, pleasant and patient person. A person with rich knowledge about theory of music, Flamenco culture and a great learning orientation. "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime" Thank you Leah, looking forward to our next sessions.
Gilad N., Verified Student
November 11th, 2016
Xavier, Verified Student
October 23rd, 2016
Leah is an excellent guitar teacher. She focuses on what you want to learn, and tailors her lessons around helping you achieve your goals. She truly understands the concepts of how to teach and is friendly, patient and encouraging throughout. I would recommend Leah to any guitarist as she will definitely help to improve your playing. If still in doubt, please read her articles posted on this site, as they will illustrate what a professional teacher she really is.
Rik, Verified Student
September 25th, 2016
Two years ago after a 47 year hiatus, I once again began playing guitar, but alas, with withered and arthritic hands migrated to fingerstyle guitar. I came across Lessonface and was intrigued by Leah and the Flamenco style. Since she could teach young children, I might be workable. Yes, I had poor experiences with live internet courses with some very well-known and highly rated guitar sites. With those courses, I dropped out from boredom and a lack of challenge, with Leah; it was always the anticipation of what is next? Leah’s subtle engaging, motivating and inspiring approach, care and thought directed toward proper guitar playing technique, precision teaching style, and kind gentle manner which wove back and forth from each exercise to playing an entire solea (composition) was pure artistry. After each lesson even when I would practice material prior to her course, my technique, hand work, and tone was markedly better. Given my hands, I had reasonable expectations; yet, high hopes which both were far exceeded in the Flamenco course. I am thankful for the unexpected impact Leah has had on all the Chet Atkins, Tommy Emmanuel, Muriel Anderson, Paul Simon, et al. arrangements I have been practicing. Marc Weiss
Marc, Flamenco Group Class
August 24th, 2016
Leah was organized, prepared and easy to understand. It was the most beneficial lesson I have ever had.
Mia, Verified Student
May 1st, 2016
Leah is an amazing teacher, encouraging and helpful with my child's needs
Maria, Parent of Verified Student
April 28th, 2016
I absolutely love my weekly lessons with Leah. She is patient and knowledgeable and I would recommend her to anyone looking to learn classical guitar. I started as a total beginner to classical guitar, and I'm already reading music thanks to Leah's very clear lesson plans. Lessonface is also surprisingly easy and super accessible. This is the way of the future for people who want to study but can't afford the time/energy of going out to someone's home or a music shop..especially for specialty lessons like classical guitar.
Adam, Verified Student
April 4th, 2016
Leah is a wonderful guitar teacher. I am a beginner adult learning guitar. Leah has been great in all aspects. Every class she give me the perfect mix of technique and fun things to play. She makes learning guitar fun and at the same time challenging. She is very patient and pays a lot of attention to make sure you learn good technique. In between classes gives me notes and videos that help me practice. She is very talented. Has made my experience of learning guitar very engaging and satisfying one. I can't say enough good things about her. What a great platform. I can take classes at the time of my preference right from home!! Works very well, even when my teacher is in the east coast and I am in the west coast video streaming is perfect.
Elisa, Verified Student
April 3rd, 2016
My son loves Leah. She is patient, kind, and fun! She tailors her lessons to his interests and really involves him in choosing songs to learn. Each lesson is broken down into several new skills so he never has time to get bored or overwhelmed. I am an experienced teacher and it's obvious to me that Leah is also. Being a great musician is only part of the equation - you have to know how to teach, and Leah certainly does!
Jenny, Parent of Acoustic Guitar Student
March 30th, 2016
Leah has been teaching my 6 year old daughter. I was so skeptical before starting the lessons online. But I am so glad I went ahead. I would not have found Leah otherwise. Things I love about her- - She is always there to help and takes extra effort to make things work. - She is always cheerful. - I like her approach where she makes the student think about notes, rather than telling her offhand. - She is always willing to record audio/video and send them as offline help. - She responds really quickly to my messages. - She is accommodating to any requests. - Above all my daughter loves to learn from her. I would recommend Leah to anyone looking for a good Guitar teacher.
Arti, Parent of Acoustic Guitar Student
October 27th, 2015