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Five Questions with Duane Denison

Duane Denison teaches at Lessonface.com

Perhaps best known as the guitar player for pioneering rock band The Jesus Lizard – whose albums Goat and Liar made Rolling Stone and Pitchfork's "Top 100 Albums of the ‘90s" lists – and possessing a musical resume comprising bands and collaborations with an enormous list of musical innovators, it’s no wonder Spin recently named Duane Denison to its list of 100 greatest guitarists. With tasteful and ferocious chops inspiring a legion of imitators, Denison continues to set definitive standards for aggressive, dynamic guitarists everywhere.

Do Online Music Lessons with Lessonface Save You Money?

Online music lessons can help you save energy by not having to transport yourself, your kids, or your instrument, you save possibly over $20 in transportation costs, and you save 30 minutes to an hour commuting if you’re the one taking the lesson and maybe as much as two hours if your kid is the student. Not too shabby. Extrapolate that over the course or a year and maybe as many as 50 to 100 lessons and we’re talking about a serious change in quality of life.

What Teaching Style’s Right For You?

Lessonface.com drum circle

Learning is not code; you cannot be programmed to perfection. Sometimes that can be frustrating for musicians trying to improve, but it’s a good thing. Music doesn’t belong on a standardized test, after all. That being said, there are various approaches to teaching. There are military-like instructors, friendly older-sibling types who guide you along, and styles that fall all along the spectrum of possibility. The eclectic mix of teachers on Lessonface is very indicative of this diversity of thought.

Ian Thomas McCulloch, Stonefeather Frontman, Ready to Rock Lessonface

Ian Thomas McCulloch of Stonefeather Teaches at LessonFace.com

It's not often you mix a decade of teaching experience and a Berklee education with youth and a budding recording career. But Ian Thomas McCulloch, 28 and from Austin, Texas, is not your average rocker. He's the frontman for Stonefeather, an LA-based funk-rock trio that just released its first full-length album, "California Air,” and one of the latest additions to Lessonface's stable of great teachers.

How to Find Your Next Music Teacher

Lessonface.com Teacher Map

Great music teachers resound in our thoughts for the rest of our lives, whether through their guidance in how to problem-solve issues, their inspiring characters, or in the direct skills that they impart in us – good posture or how to look cool holding a bass guitar, how to tune or how to use a capo, how to play Humoresque by Dvorak or Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin, as the case may be. Choosing the right one for you or your child is very important.

Where in the world could my teacher be?

Click here to go to the full-size, interactive map. 

Though the geographic range of teachers found on LessonFace in our first month can be called global without exaggeration, there's undoubtedly an East Coast of the US concentration. So placement on this map is mostly quite approximate, with some teachers based in NYC appearing to be in Greenland. 

We'd love to get more teachers all around the world (and also more on the East Coast) - and students all around the world as well! 


How to Video Chat

There are three main factors to the quality of the video: web connection or bandwidth, the processing power of your computer, and camera quality.


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