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Benefits of Online Music Lessons

beginner guitar student taking an online lesson with a Lessonface music teacher

In Person vs. Online Music Education

As technology advances, online learning is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to the traditional face-to-face meetings for people of all ages and backgrounds. Online music education, specifically, has allowed students to learn an instrument through web-based interactions with teachers without geographical restrictions. While this might sound exciting, it’s important to compare online lessons with in-person lessons so that parents and students can decide which option is the best fit.

Managing Your Music Lesson Nerves

Learn to manage your nerves and music anxiety to avoid burnout when practicing and taking music lessons

Get the most out of your online music lesson and learn how to practice and prepare for your piano, guitar or any music instrument with these top tips from Lessonface online music teacher. Learn how to enjoy yourself, reduce anxiety and progress your musical learning.

Are Online Music Lessons Greener Than Traditional Lessons?

LessonFace Online Music Lessons Are Greener Than Traditional Lessons

At LessonFace we think a good bit about the greater implications of our service, and one of the issues that occupies the top of our minds is how lifestyle changes our energy dependency. So, we asked noted energy expert Dan Fischl, Ph. D, to compare the energy usage of driving to a traditional lesson across town vs. meeting with an expert teacher on LessonFace.

Online Music, Language & Academic Teachers of the Year 

Extraordinary Online Teachers of the Year

As the year comes to a close, we are proud to present our 96 Teachers of the Year - one for each active lesson subject on Lessonface, from acoustic guitar to xylophone. Congratulations to this amazing group, and all the other talented experts on Lessonface as well! In this challenging year, your guidance and joy have been an inspiration to many. 

Fit as a Fiddle: Positive Health Benefits of Music Education

Live online music lessons at Lessonface

Little did I know how much music would influence my life the day I first set my fingers on a piano keyboard.  I first began piano lessons when I was five years old, my feet barely able to touch the pedals.  Not only did I take weekly lessons, but I also participated in competitions and took annual listening and music theory exams.  Soon, I started playing cello and French horn, as well as taking horseback riding, fencing, and dance lessons.  Although I eventually decided to pause my music education once I entered into high school so that I could focus more on dance, I am still determined to

The Perks of Being a Musician: Brain Function and Music Education

Brain Function and Music Education,

As if you needed more reasons to learn an instrument, this article will explore some of science’s discoveries on the subject of the benefits of music lessons. This topic is also significant as more and more arts programs are cut in schools around the United States due to economic restrictions. The benefits of music education underscore the importance of keeping these programs in school curricula.

Outside of the Music Lesson: Setting Goals, Practicing, & Performing

Lessonface Is on the Road

NAMM 2014

Lessonface staff is in sweet sunny California right now. Because we're spending the next couple of days at the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) show, our team may take slightly longer to respond to incoming inquiries.

2014 Updates! New Features and More

best online music lesson platform evah

To kick off this awesome new year, here's a quick run down in two incredibly brief videos that give a very quick view as to how things are working these days. 


Happy 2014!

Happy New Year Snow Day

Happy New Year, everybody! It's starting out a bright clean white at the Lessonface offices in Brooklyn, NY.

This photo is outside the founders' apartment, as we're working from home this weekend for hopefully understandable reasons! I'm going to be finishing up an awesome new ukulele course, which you should be seeing on the site in the next week or two, while Ashford does some outreach, possibly plays his banjo, and works on a new song entitled, I kid you not, "Bowl of Macaroni." 

It's infectious.


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