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Chromatic Harmonica Chart

Hey everyone!

I was recently at the Lessonface studio and recorded a tutorial for those interested in starting out with the Chromatic Harmonica.
You can check it out below:

Also, we used in the video a Chromatic Harmonica Chart to show you where the notes are in the Chromatic Harmonica, and you can get it here for free!

Flash Cards for Learning to Read Music - Free to Download and Print

Awesome and easy to use flash cards for learning to read music

Learning to recognize notes on the staff is a necessary part of playing music from sheet music. We created some flashcards to help new learners memorize the names of the notes on the staff. The templates below are made to print easily on home or office printers. They are completely free to use and share (not for re-sale).

ABRSM Prep with Simon Mulligan

ABRSM Prep with Simon Mulligan

Three songs are available now from grades 1, 4, and 8.

ABRSM Prep Grade 7

Simon Mulligan Plays ABRSM Grade 7 Pieces, with Instruction

List A:

​Encouraging Your Teen Guitarist

Teenager with Guitar

For Parents of High School Guitarists

If music has been a constant presence in your young guitarist's life and he or she is considering a music career, high school is the ideal time to take that interest seriously.  Here are some tools and tips to help them continue advancing on their instrument and to prepare for university music study. 

Encouraging Your Young Guitarist

Left handed boy with guitar

For Parents of Young Guitarists Ages Nine to Thirteen

If your young guitarist has shown a persistent love of music, the preteen years are a great time to nurture those interests more intensely.  If they pursue music as a career, rounding out their education now will be a huge help later on.  And if they change their dream-career a dozen more times, few extracurriculars nurture the developing mind as completely as a musical education can.  

ABRSM Prep Grade 3

Simon Mulligan Plays ABRSM Grade 3 Pieces, with Instruction

List A:

ABRSM Prep Grade 6

Simon Mulligan Plays ABRSM Grade 6 Pieces, with Instruction

List B:

ABRSM Prep Grade 5

Simon Mulligan Plays ABRSM Grade 5 Pieces

List A:

ABRSM Prep Grade 2

Simon Mulligan Plays ABRSM Grade 2 Pieces

List A: