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Lessonface Presents: Conversations with Artists and Educators

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Lessonface Presents Rebecca Foon, Wolf Eyes, and Michael Attias! Lessonface Presents are open conversations with accomplished artists, which we broadcast live from the Lessonface studio in NYC. We started this line of programming this fall, under the name Face the Music, and are continuing to build on the concept in 2019.

We are excited to announce these upcoming interviews:
Watch them on this page, or click the links and sign up for free to get access to the recording after.

Introducing the Lessonface Forum

School of Athens

Have questions or thoughts you'd like to share with others here at Lessonface? We invite you to take part in the Lessonface forum. Teachers and students are posting on topics that go before, alongside, & beyond lessons. 

Musical Resolutions for 2019

Got zeal but not the skills... yet

It's that time of year again!  As holiday festivities wind down and the new year is upon us, it's a great time to step back and reflect on your progress in 2018.  Did you articulate some concrete musical objectives at the beginning of last year?  Which of them did you accomplish?  If you fell short of some goals, do you know why you didn't meet them?  Learn from both your successes and failures, and articulate some fresh aims for the new year.  Be sure to make your 2019 resolutions specific, measurable, and achievable. 

Happy New Year!

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and joyful 2019!

Give Music Lessons with Lessonface Gift Certificates

Lessonface.com Gift Certificate

Looking for the perfect present for the musician or aspiring musician in your life? Lessonface offers gift certificates for online music lessons and classes. 

With their gift certificate in hand, your favorite aspiring musician will be able to find a well-qualified, inspirational instructor suited to their specific schedule and interests for online lessons from wherever they are. Lessonface teachers cover 85+ instruments, dozens of genres, and are leaders in their fields.

The Nature of Progress

Cloudy summit

It would be lovely if progress were a smooth upward incline from playing our awkward first notes to maturing into a skilled, expressive musician.  It would be great to finish each practice session playing everything better, and if, signing in to each lesson, we were confident in having advanced since the last class.  However, musical growth doesn’t happen in a smooth easy line.  We have our leaps and bounds forwards, but we also have setbacks, plateaus, and sometimes feel our playing has worsened.  

Lessonface Presents Alex Skolnick

Alex Skolnick with Ray Suhy and Lessonface staffmembers

Alex Skolnick, the extraordinary thrash and jazz guitarist, was interviewed by Ray Suhy in our second installment of our Lessonface Presents series on November 1, 2018. 

You can watch the entire conversation by enrolling (for free) here

Skolnick delighted us by demonstrating some of his techniques on our trusty classroom guitar, sharing great anecdotes and insights, and even creating a lesson on the fly from the Whale of Fortune. 

Teaching the Science of Music and More with Melissa Salguero

Using play dough for musical exploration

Our first Face the Music event kicked off on Thursday, October 18, with 2018 GRAMMY winner for music educator of the year Melissa Salguero. With deft questioning by Chris Ott, dedicated teacher trainer and lifelong educator, who himself was part of the Lessonface staff around 2013-2015, Salguero discussed her tools and techniques for engaging her kids and remaining motivated herself. 

It was a fascinating look into a stellar educator's process. Watch the entire discussion here below.

A Global Concert at Lessonface: Metaphora Intangibile with Celina Charlier and Fabio Pellegatti

Celina Charlier, flute, and Fábio Pellegatti, cello

Celina Charlier, flute, and Fábio Pellegatti, cello, are performing at the Lessonface studio on November 3 for their concert entitled Metaphora Intangibile! We invite you to join us, either online or here at our studio in the West Village!

5 Tips on How to Sound Better on Bass Guitar

Yonit with her bass guitar

Free tip: Tune your guitar every time you play it!

Tip #1: Play with a clean sound

Make sure you mute your strings properly with the thumb and perhaps with other fingers

Tip #2: Control the length of your notes

Long notes, short notes, staccato, muted notes - it’s all in the fingers. Be creative and change a bass-line just by using different lengths! 


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