Online Music, Language & Academic Teachers of the Year 

Extraordinary Online Teachers of the Year

As the year comes to a close, we are proud to present our 96 Teachers of the Year - one for each active lesson subject on Lessonface, from acoustic guitar to xylophone. Congratulations to this amazing group, and all the other talented experts on Lessonface as well! In this challenging year, your guidance and joy have been an inspiration to many. 

Covering eighty-five music categories, twelve languages, and five academic subjects, the Lessonface Teachers of the Year are extraordinary individuals dedicated and committed to working with their students to advance their skills and help them meet their goals.  

Top Teacher of the Year

Lessonface is pleased to announce Adam Dias as the Top Teacher of the Year.  Adam plays and teaches rock, jazz, blues, classical, pop, folk, bluegrass, and other traditional music genres. A guitarist, pianist, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Adam’s students rave about their lessons; the dedication and support they receive from Adam are shown in his many 5-star reviews:

“Adam breaks down pieces so that each lesson I feel I am making supported progress.”

Banjo - Peter, Verified Student

“Adam was super great with my 9-year-old! Very patient, and she had a lot of fun.”

Acoustic Guitar - Brittany, Verified Student

From Ableton, Accordion & Acoustic Guitar to Uke & Xylophone

Over 85+ music categories are covered by the Lessonface Music Teachers of the Year.  Let’s meet the amazing online Music Teachers of the Year that excel at giving online music lessons. To learn more about each teacher, click each teacher's name, and view their teaching profile.

Ableton, Lead Guitar & Metal Guitar:  Yoel Genin

ABRSM Exam Prep:  Jovana Jankovic

AccentTraining & Audition Prep for Actors:  Meggie Greivell

Accordion:  Io Le Moller

Acoustic Guitar:  Samuel Marvin

Alto Sax:  Willem Moolenbeek

Arranging:  Andrew McLemore

Audio Recording and Music Production:  Geoffrey Edwards

Audition Prep from Juilliard Alumni:  Mari Coetzee

Audition Prep from New School Alumni:  Ray Suhy

Banjo:  Chris Roszell

Bass Guitar: Steve Boniello

Beatboxing:  Paul Arnett

Cajon:  Nasrine Rahmani

Carnatic:  Rohith Jayaraman

Cello:  Matteo Montanari

Clarinet:  Liz Ramirez

Classical and Flamenco Guitar:  Leah Kruszewski

Classical Composition:  Alan Naime

Classical Piano:  Lori Citro

Classical Voice:  Kara Alfano

Clawhammer Banjo:  Tanner Brethorst

Conga:  Larry Salzman

Daf:  Farzin Dehghan

Drums:  Elena Bonomo

Electric Guitar:  Ayla Tesler-Mabe

Euphonium:  Michael Waddell

Fiddle:  Mike Mitchell

Fingerstyle Guitar:  Itamar Erez

Flute:  Erika Andres

French Horn:  Jacquelyn Hernandez

Gospel Piano:  Wesley Knust

Guitalele:  Roque Deschamps

Harmonica:  Cooper White

Harp:  Melanie Mashner

Hindustani Violin:  Dr. Swarna Khuntia

Hindustani Voice:  Shudhi Ramani

Indian Classical Voice & Harmonium:  Surbhi Samdani

Jazz Guitar:  Ben Sher

Jazz Piano:  Tamas Balazs

Jazz Voice:  Lydia Harrell

Keyboard & Baritone Ukulele:  Heather Gerber

Logic Pro:  Andreas Häberlin

Loog Certified Guitar:  Emily Zimmer

Mandolin:  Alan Epstein

Marimba:  Chaiya Odle

Metal Voice:  Tim Aymar

Musical Theatre:  Jack Wilkins

Native American Flute:  Ami Sarasvati

Neo Soul Guitar:  Leticia Filizzola

New Age Piano:  Beverly Cashin

Oboe:  Grace Mehm

Ocarina:  Ryan Williams

Orchestration:  Daniel Warren

Pan Flute:  Mariana Preda

Pedal Steel Guitar:  Ross James

Piano:  Hector Crespo

Pop Voice & Piano:  Jerrica Alyssa

ProTools:  Pierre Lalonde

Quena Flute:  Nayo Ulloa

Recorder:  Elise Barber/Tali Rubinstein (tie)

Rock Piano:  Veronica Gaudreau

Saxophone & Akai EWI:  Denis Belyakov

Singing: Chantal Kuegle

Songwriting:  Hannah Christianson

Soprano Sax:  Luke Fleisher

TenorSax:  Erika Friedman

Trombone:  Ethan Warden

Trumpet:  Stewart Felkel

Tuba:  Eros Sabbatani

Ukulele:  Rachel Bearinger

Upright Bass:  Sebastian Zinca

Vibraphone:  Thomas Mackay

Viola:  Lisa Williams

Violin:  Lora Gallman

Voice & Artist Development:  Jenessa Logel

Xylophone & Glockenspiel:  Alison Ervin

Teaching Languages Covering American Sign Language, Spanish, Russian, and More!

Congratulating the 12 language teachers who have each made learning a language online easy and fun.  We applaud these wonderful teachers for their hard work, and for sharing their talents, inspiring their students to learn and have fun!  Meet the language Teachers of the Year:

American Sign Language:  Charlie McNulty

Arabic:  Mohamed Abdelsalam

English:  Matthew Baker

ESL:  Leora Turko

French:  Luisa Ardigò

German:  Christoph Heinke

Italian:  Luisa Ardigo

Latin:  Mark Hamilton - Edward Bertany (tie)

Mandarin:  Kerui Feng

Portuguese:  Ines Ramos

Russian:  Elijah Bogdanov

Spanish:  Micaela Montes

Pursuing Academic Advancements

We recognize the importance of online learning to help with key academic subjects and are pleased to award the Teacher of the Year to five academic teachers. Meet the academic Teachers of the Year: 

ACT English & Writing:  Dave White

Algebra I & Geometry:  Joseph Cioffi

Chemistry & ACT Math:  Nomagugu Ncube

English Literature & Composition:  Rose Devika

IB Math HL:  Stavros Mouslopoulos

We are Grateful for the Lessonface Teaching Community 

We are truly grateful to our entire teaching community at Lessonface and congratulate this year's Teachers of the Year.  


Dr. Swarna Khuntia

Thank you Lessonface for this honour and believing in me.Congratulating to all the Teachers who has worked hard and won the award.Thank you Very much.

Swarna Khuntia

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