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How To Be A Drummer In The City

Musician 1st Class Jason Robertson, band leader and drummer, By U.S. Navy photo by Chief Mass Communication Specialist Dave Kaylor

Voice and drums are the original instruments. Unfortunately, as anyone knows who tries to sing outside of the shower or drum outside of a studio, not everyone is a fan. It’s pretty hard to get good at an instrument without practicing though, so something’s got to give. In that vein, we’ve come up with four solutions to the problem of drumming in the city (or anywhere neighbors might not enjoy feeling the rhythm as much as you do).

Lessonface's Launch Party Rocked! With Prize Winners & Photo Gallery

Eric Kalver gave Neely Moore her first drum lesson at the LessonFace Launch Party

Thanks so much to everyone who made it out last night and those who joined in on the #LFLaunchParty action on Twitter and Instagram. We had a great time welcoming so many interesting guests to our offices, and would like to send a special thanks out to our talented teachers who managed to give dozens of new students a taste of what a real Lessonface online music lesson with them would be like.

We're Ready For The Launch Party!

Lessonface Launch Party

We're ready for the Lessonface Launch Party tonight at our Brooklyn headquarters! There will be live drum, guitar, voice, and ukulele online music lesson demos throughout the night. If you're interested, check out the party page for more details.

How Much Should You Practice Your Instrument?

How much should you practice a day?

In order to answer the question of “How much practice is enough?” we've broken it down into three categories of musicians: professionals, aspiring pros, and casual musicians/beginners.

Lalana Martin Rocks Joe’s Pub

LessonFace Voice Coach Lalana Martin Performs at Joe's Pub

Lalana Martin stopped performing regularly after she moved to New York to found the Vocal Workout Singing School, but she never left her stage presence behind. She put that presence to work Thursday night, Jan. 31, at New York City’s Joe’s Pub.

Great Music Ed. NGOs You Can Support

Lessonface.com Supports Music Education in Public Schools

While the budget never seems to go down for Congressional salaries, budget cuts continually drain away music programs in public schools. There are countless studies that show why music education benefits students (as well as adult learners) in numerous manners, but that doesn’t seem to matter to our politicians. So, what are we going to do about it? Let music education disappear?

The Violin Teacher View of Online Music Lessons

Pauline Lerner, Violin and Fiddle Teacher at LessonFace.com

I’ve been giving lessons by Skype for almost a year now, and I’ve discovered a lot of interesting things about this kind of teaching. Skype has been great, but I decided to start using Lessonface to see if there was a better online platform for my students, and I’m really happy to teach on Lessonface.com.

The Future Of Online Education

A Ukulele Lesson at Lessonface.com

Online learning isn’t just a term buzzing around at Lessonface headquarters. With budget cuts hacking public education to pieces like an axe, politicians at the highest level are seeking solutions. With its lower costs and equal or better results, online learning has proven to be an opportunity for the bold.

Five Questions With Bass Guitarist Cristian Tisselli

Cristian Tisselli, Bass Guitar Teacher at LessonFaace.com

Cristian Tisselli is a native of Argentina, but is currently packing his bags to move to sunny Los Angeles. He’s a supreme bassist with the skill to play a wide range of genres, including jazz, pop, rock, Latin, and beyond. Cristian teaches both in English and Spanish, so if you want to practice un poco while you improve your bass abilities, he’s your man. You can also read more about Cristian in No Treble Magazine, where he was featured as a name to know in the bass world.

Three Songs To Celebrate MLK

Martin Luther King, Jr.

On this truly important holiday we celebrate the life and accomplishments of the great Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We’ve seen major changes since he served as a leader of the Civil Rights Movement, and his impact only grows as time marches on. Many have thanked the late leader for all he achieved and helped make possible in song, but we’ve chosen just a few worthy of high praise for today. Each tune was written about Dr. King, with references subtle or otherwise. Thanks, MLK! 

“Happy Birthday,” by Stevie Wonder