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Five Questions With Music Generalist Thomas West

Thomas West, Lessonface Online Music Teacher

Thomas West teaches 17 instruments on Lessonface, as well as voice, beatboxing, and theory lessons. That’s right, he teaches over 20 categories. Thomas is an experienced director of marching bands, concert bands, choral groups, and orchestras, a jazz improvisation and private instructor, as well as a marching drill writer.

Are Online Music Lessons Greener Than Traditional Lessons?

LessonFace Online Music Lessons Are Greener Than Traditional Lessons

At LessonFace we think a good bit about the greater implications of our service, and one of the issues that occupies the top of our minds is how lifestyle changes our energy dependency. So, we asked noted energy expert Dan Fischl, Ph. D, to compare the energy usage of driving to a traditional lesson across town vs. meeting with an expert teacher on LessonFace.

How To Make Time To Practice Your Instrument

Use Your Commute Wisely So You Have Time For Music Lessons With LessonFace

In most pursuits, the better you are at something, the more you enjoy doing it. This is true no matter whether you’re in elementary school or navigating retirement. Then, because you enjoy what you’re doing, you get better at it, and this virtuous cycle continues on and on.

Five Questions With String Teacher Brian Barnes

Brian Barnes, LessonFace Online Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, and Ukulele Teacher

Raised on the smooth sounds of ‘60s rock, Brian Barnes has become a world-class teacher of just about anything that has strings on it. Barnes teaches the acoustic and electric guitarbanjomandolin, and ukulele. He started gigging at just 15 years old in his native Kentucky, and since then has roamed the country and the globe - from coast to coast and in 15 countries around the map.

Four Tips for the Best Online Music Lessons

online lessons

So, you’re probably either looking into studying music on Lessonface or you’ve already made the excellent decision to take lessons with a LessonFace teacher and hopefully have had several wonderful meetings so far. Here are several comments and questions I’ve heard from students (of all ages) that can stop a lesson in its tracks (yikes!) as well as some solutions to guarantee your continued success.

Five Questions With Rap Teacher DLux The Light

Desmond Spann, AKA DLux The Light, LessonFace Online Rap and Lyrics Teacher

Desmond Spann, AKA DLux The Light, is a rapper, poet, keyboardist, and rap and lyrics teacher from Oregon. He’s the creator of Emcee Mind, a website with a great YouTube channel that offers methods and tips for improving your rap and lyrical abilities - especially through freestyle rapping.

You Like Us! Announcing LessonFace Teacher Reviews

star teachers on LessonFace

We're proud to announce the launch of our newest site feature: teacher reviews! We've started collecting reviews recently, and have made our first reviews public as of today. We are excited to show you how much people like the teachers that they have had lessons with through LessonFace.

Five Questions With Singer Joshua Turner

Joshua Turner, LessonFace Online Voice Coach

Joshua Turner is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist who studied vocals at Berklee College of Music in Boston. He also attended the Musicians Institute, where he focused his learning on the guitar.

Five Questions With Multi-Instrumentalist Chuck Wilson

Chuck Wilson, Online Music Lessons Trombone

When you look up the word “multi-instrumentalist” in the dictionary, you ought to see the name Chuck Wilson. Chuck is proficient in nearly 10 (!) instruments, ranging from the trombone and trumpet to the drums, guitar, and ukulele. He’s also a successful teacher and musician, having performed with rock greats like Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater), Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots), and Dee Snider (Twisted Sister), as well as a host of jazz legends, including "Blue" Lou Marini, Jeff Coffin (Flecktones), and Maynard Ferguson, to name a few.


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