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Five Questions With Multi-Instrumentalist Chuck Wilson

Chuck Wilson, Online Music Lessons Trombone

When you look up the word “multi-instrumentalist” in the dictionary, you ought to see the name Chuck Wilson. Chuck is proficient in nearly 10 (!) instruments, ranging from the trombone and trumpet to the drums, guitar, and ukulele. He’s also a successful teacher and musician, having performed with rock greats like Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater), Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots), and Dee Snider (Twisted Sister), as well as a host of jazz legends, including "Blue" Lou Marini, Jeff Coffin (Flecktones), and Maynard Ferguson, to name a few.

Bringing History To Life In Pop Music

Online Music Lessons Bach Pop Music

Beautiful classical melodies have found new audiences in this new millenium, not only through people learning the originals in form through music lessons, or from orchestra and symphony performances, but by making appearances in rock, rap, and even trance hits. This is a list of our favorite genre melds, with links to the pop song as well as to the original’s sheet music, which in most cases is in the public domain and available for free download.

Five Questions With Ukulele And Guitar Master Khabu Young

Khabu Young, Online Ukulele Lessons

Khabu Doug Young is a guitar, bass, and ukulele master operating out of New York City. Khabu draws on an eclectic array of influences in his musicianship, thanks in large part to touring around the globe, including all over North America, Europe, and India, with leading musicians like Art Lande and Paul McCandless.

Helping Children Develop A Love For Music

child music lesson online LessonFace

We recently stumbled upon NPR’s The Young Person's Guide To Making Music. It’s a really interesting collection of blog posts and one we highly recommend reading. It’s also particularly pertinent to what we’re doing over here at LessonFace, namely spreading access to top-tier music teachers across all borders, real or imaginary.

Five Questions With Singer Nerissa Campbell

Nerissa Campbell, LessonFace Voice Teacher

Nerissa Campbell has such passion and verve for music that when her first music mentor relocated to Perth from rural NorthWest Australia, her whole family relocated too, so she could continue with her musical studies.

Five Questions With Drummer Todd Isler

Todd Isler, LessonFace Drum Teacher

Todd Isler is a drummer, percussionist, and teacher who’s been active in the New York City jazz and world music spheres for more than 20 years. He’s released two albums, “Two Step: Duets and Beyond” and “Soul Drums,” and is also the author of “You Can Ta Ka Di Mi This,” which teaches the South Indian syllable system of rhythm. When he’s not teaching, Todd plays with Mike Gordon of PhishInternational Orange, and TriBeCaStan. Todd is also a world traveler, having studied in and incorporated into his play and teaching the techniques of African, Brazilian, and Indian percussion, among others.

Introducing the Ace!

Hi from the LessonAce

As part of our ongoing quest to make more amazing music teachers more accessible to you, we're delighted to introduce you to a couple of new site features, including an especially fun one. Please meet the Lesson Ace. The Lesson Ace character was created by a wonderful set of artists who hail from Madrid, and is meant to exemplify our goal to help you 'Ace' your lesson. And that the teachers you'll find on LessonFace are all Aces at teaching. And that you will with time and practice (and expert instruction) also become an Ace. It's multifaceted. 

How To Be A Drummer In The City

Musician 1st Class Jason Robertson, band leader and drummer, By U.S. Navy photo by Chief Mass Communication Specialist Dave Kaylor

Voice and drums are the original instruments. Unfortunately, as anyone knows who tries to sing outside of the shower or drum outside of a studio, not everyone is a fan. It’s pretty hard to get good at an instrument without practicing though, so something’s got to give. In that vein, we’ve come up with four solutions to the problem of drumming in the city (or anywhere neighbors might not enjoy feeling the rhythm as much as you do).

Lessonface's Launch Party Rocked! With Prize Winners & Photo Gallery

Eric Kalver gave Neely Moore her first drum lesson at the LessonFace Launch Party

Thanks so much to everyone who made it out last night and those who joined in on the #LFLaunchParty action on Twitter and Instagram. We had a great time welcoming so many interesting guests to our offices, and would like to send a special thanks out to our talented teachers who managed to give dozens of new students a taste of what a real Lessonface online music lesson with them would be like.

We're Ready For The Launch Party!

Lessonface Launch Party

We're ready for the Lessonface Launch Party tonight at our Brooklyn headquarters! There will be live drum, guitar, voice, and ukulele online music lesson demos throughout the night. If you're interested, check out the party page for more details.


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