Top Reasons to Take Piano Classes With The Piano Pass

Piano Pass live online group classes and lessons with great piano teachers

Learning piano in real-time with live online instruction and interaction is one of the best ways to motivate you

Adding variety to your playing and your practice schedule and connecting you with a great like-minded community of piano teachers and enthusiasts is one of the best ways to grow and enhance your interest and desire for playing the piano. The Lessonface Piano Pass subscription series for live online classes gives you daily access to over 20 expert-designed live online piano classes each week that will energize and inspire you as you progress and interact with a piano teacher directly as you learn. 

Best ways to enhance your piano playing experience

We have heard from many of the Lessonface students asking for additional piano classes that expand their learning.  The expert team of piano and music teachers at Lessonface rallied and have created an amazing program of piano classes that cover a range of classes from piano fundamentals to genre playing, with live classes for all piano playing levels.  The opportunity to interact directly with a live teacher during each group class session adds tremendous value to your piano learning experience

The Lessonface Piano Pass gives you full access to an incredible monthly class lineup

With over 80 classes throughout every month, The Piano Pass allows for full access to join in and learn with professional piano teachers in a group class environment. The variety of classes ranges from music fundamentals and how to get started playing the piano for kids and adults to the finger playing techniques Hanon and Czerny (and learning the benefits of each style!), plus allows exploring new music genres from jazz, pop, classical as well as traditional Irish music  - all part of this robust monthly all-access Piano Pass program.  

We also recognize that many students like to have a 30-minute warm-up or practice class where they can ask their specific questions with a piano teacher.  The Lessonface Piano Pass includes practice and warm-up classes for more personalized and customized piano coaching.  

The Top 5 Types of Classes Offered with The Piano Pass

Music Fundamentals.  From scales, chords, rhythm to reading music, these piano classes allow you to work with teachers to build your skills and overall music knowledge.

  • Getting Started With Chords

  • Getting Started With Major Scales

  • Introduction to Rhythm and Counting

  • Learn To Read Music! (With Free Flashcards Handout!)

  • Playing by Ear: A Practical Application of Music Fundamentals!

  • Reading Music: How To Improve Your Sight-Reading

  • Piano for Adults 

Technique for Piano.  Learn Hanon, Czerny. These piano classes go beyond music fundamentals and get more specific to the piano to strengthen your playing and practicing techniques.

  • Hanon: Technical Exercises For Pianists(With 10 Free Hanon Exercises)

  • Czerny: Technique Through Etudes For Beginners

Explorer Classes   Explore and learn jazz, blues, pop, traditional Irish, or classical music styles on the piano with this wide selection of music style classes.

  • Easy Classical Pieces: Where to start with classical piano!

  • Explorer Series: Traditional Irish Music

  • Exploring Baroque Music: Johann Sebastian Bach 

  • History & Survey of Jazz Piano

  • Jazz and Pop Piano

  • Jazz Piano: A Crash Course for Beginners in Jazz

  • Merry Music Making!

Warm-Ups.  Piano habits, warm-up, and open practice class sessions are great classes to keep you growing in your piano playing.

  • 30 Minute Practice Session: Practice With A Teacher!

  • 30 Minutes of Piano: Warmups + Q&A With A Teacher!

Kids Classes.

  • Music for Cartoons: Piano Fun for Kids!

  • Creative Piano for Kids

  • Piano for Kids 


Sign up for full access to all Piano Pass classes for $39 per month.  Over 20 classes each week to choose from, offering various piano classes to keep you playing and progressing in your music goals.  (Single class sign up is available for $9.99 per class)  

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