How Piano Playing and Taking Classes Are Good for Your Mind and Body

How playing the piano is good for our mind and body

Playing the Piano Is a Workout for Your Mind and Body

Piano playing has many physical and mental benefits that can help lead you to a healthy and more mindful state of happiness and well-being.  Participating in a live online piano class that offers interaction with a piano teacher during an online lesson or community group class can greatly help you learn good habits, build a sense of community with like-minded pianists and set you up for success in your playing. Experiencing a sense of well-being can be strengthening and uplifting and have a positive impact on your health.  Playing the piano is a workout for both your mind and your body and learning in a group class adds a level of camaraderie and fun that has many positive outcomes.  

4 Physical Benefits of Playing the Piano

The physical and mental benefits of playing the piano have been shared by the teachers at Lessonface as they see the positive developments firsthand in the students that learn with them and take online lessons and piano group classes on a regular basis. Kati Falk-Flores, piano teacher and composer at Lessonface identifies 4 ways playing the piano is a physical workout and will help improve your body.

Good posture - since piano is mostly played from a seated position, having good posture, strength in your abdomen and a strong lower back is important.  No slouching or hunched shoulders. Two good exercises to strengthen your lower back and help you sit tall are 1. Seated cat-cow and 2.  Seated gentle twist.

Balance - how you position yourself and establish balance while playing is important. You play with your whole body. Playing from the shoulders as well as your hand position, balancing the constant movements of your head and trunk, and flowing your arm movement with frequent hand lifts and rotational elbow movements, all helps to create an expressive engagement with the music.  

Fine Motor Skills - playing the piano develops your hand-eye coordination and sharpens your fine motor skills by working on your finger playing technique. Combining the elements of tempo, rhythm, sound and tone into playing sequences strengthens your overall mind-body coordination. 

Breathing - beginning with deep inhale and exhales will help focus you as you sit to play.  Use the first few moments to breath and set your session playing goals and get ready for your piano lesson or class.  Breathing in and exhaling out for 3-2-1, 3x, helps to set your mind for your playing.

Sharpen Your Mind with Piano Playing

Learning to read music, count the beats, learn the chords and scales sharpens your mind and  improves your intellect for both young and adult piano players.  Especially important as a cognitive skill booster for adults as they age.  Like playing bridge or doing the NYT crossword puzzle, piano will continually hone and strengthen your mind.  Recognizing and establishing these mind-body practices will set you up for success when taking classes. 

4 Core Piano Class Types: 

Add new piano classes to your repertoire to help you grow and expand your learning, build your body and mind. The piano classes are grouped so they cover all areas of piano learning, for all levels and interests:

Music Fundamentals.  From scales, chords, rhythm to reading music. These piano classes allow you to work with teachers to build your skills and overall music knowledge.

Piano Techniques.  Learn Hanon, Czerny. These classes go beyond music fundamentals and strengthen your playing and practicing techniques.

Music Styles.  Explore and learn jazz, blues, pop, traditional Irish tunes or classical styles of music on the piano.

Piano Basics.  Piano habits, warm-up and open practice class sessions are great classes to keep you growing in your piano playing. 

The Lessonface Teachers Have Designed a Robust Program of Group Classes 

The Piano Pass gives you full access to an incredible daily class lineup of classes covering the core learning paths to grow and advance your piano playing. Ideal for adults and kids. 

 View Piano Pass classes schedule here


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