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Teacher Spotlight: Flavio Silva

Flavio Silva is a musician who is part of a new generation of Brazilian composers and instrumentalists that has been breaking through the musical scene of different places, such as Brazil, The Netherlands and most recently, New York. In 2019 he was named "best guitarist" by Hot House Jazz Magazine and later this year will be releasing a new album. Silva has taught on Lessonface since 2018 and has quickly become a student favorite. We interviewed this month's Teacher Spotlight from his home in New York City.

Set and Keep Your Goals Using Our Free Goal Tool

What could be achieved in the next year? In the next decade?

Did you know that Lessonface has a goal-setting tool? It's totally free and simple to use. It is designed to help you create specific, actionable goals and to (optionally, no pressure) share them with highly-qualified teachers so you can achieve them in this fresh slate of a new year.

First, log in, or register for Lessonface using the "Sign Up / Log In" options.

Daily Harmonic Exercise for Flute

Daily Harmonic Flute Exercise Graphic
Erika Andres is Lessonface's 2022 Flute and Piccolo Teacher of the Year! Contact Erika with questions and to book lessons.

Tips from Teachers for 2023

teacher tips for 2023

Happy New Year, students! We hope your 2023 is off to a terrific start and that you’ve got big plans for your musical, artistic, and academic passions this year. Lessonface teachers are experts in helping students reach their goals, and we’ve rounded up their best advice on how to follow through and achieve your resolutions.

Give Students What They Want and What They Need

Piano with notes flying out

In earlier decades of piano instruction, it was a simple process: the teacher told the student what to practice, and the student did that without question. In my early days I didn't mind that, because I loved the piano, and I was willing to play whatever was put in front of me. Still, I've known many people who said that when they were kids, they liked playing the piano but they didn't like the songs they were given, so they quit. I was lucky not to have that issue early on.

How To Achieve Your New Year’s Music Goals

Guitar Goal-setting tips

If you’ve got big plans for music in 2023, here’s how to make sure your resolutions pan out like you want.

1. Set Your Goals Correctly

The way you define your goals determines whether or not you can achieve them. Goals that are too lofty or vague end up abandoned.  Many musicians (teachers, coaches, entrepreneurs, etc.) recommend setting SMART goals. SMART is an acronym designed to remind you of the keys to successful goal-setting. It stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. Here are some examples: 

2022: Year in Reviews

2022 has been quite a year at Lessonface, and we see it reflected in the over 5,000 five-star lesson and class reviews students have awarded, one by one, over the months, with over 18,000 five-star reviews now being awarded in our 10 years of operations. Some clear themes emerge in the reviews - celebrating the best teacher, having an amazing lesson, accomplishing goals, being motivated to keep at it.

New Fonts and Colors

We've released an update that changes our site fonts and colors!

We anticipate doing some fine-tuning of these updates by the end of the year, and have several other new features that we will be releasing over the next few weeks, and more in the coming months, as well.

Celebrating Our December 2022 Recital Performers!

Celebrating our December recital week

Congratulations to all our participants in Recital Week! We’re so proud of each and every one of the performers who chose to participate in our end of the year recitals, December 4th-8th.

Helping students reach their goals is foundational for us as part of our mission, and getting to see the progress of these students is truly a joy.

Congratulations and Conclusions on Our First Showcase Week

A hearty thanks and kudos to the hundreds of participants in our first Showcase Week. We had a blast at five lively recitals, filled with joy and spirit. We announced our magnificent teachers of the year. And now we give a final thanks to our sponsors and announce the giveaway winners!

The Three Winners of Lessonface Credits:
Matthew S.
Amy T.
Olivia Z.

The winner of a Loog Mini:
Rob S.

The 2 winners of Sennheiser HD 25s:
Tru O.
Megan S.


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