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Composing with Oz Noy

In the first video of the series, Oz explains how to compose a song or be inspired to compose using vamps. Vamps are a short, simple introductory passage, usually repeated several times.

Salsa Bass Lines with Flavio Lira

Flavio Lira recently stopped by the Lessonface HQ to teach us some latin bass lines. Check out the video tutorial for Salsa Bass Lines! Be sure to check out Samba Bass Lines as well. 

How to Compose a COOL Metal Riff in 5 Steps

Guitarist and composer Yoel Genin stopped by Lessonface HQ to teach us how to compose a COOL metal riff. Watch him explain in five easy steps.


Play Along

Use Yoel's backing tracks to practice your COOL metal riffs.

Rising Star Contest Entries Due July 30th!

If you haven't already heard, Lessonface is hosting the Rising Star Contest for kids 9-17. We'd love to see what you're working on, and five students will win an entire semester of lessons! Don't forget - submissions are due July 30th. 

For full contest details and how to enter, visit Lessonface.com/risingstars. Happy playing!

Polymeter and Mental Toughness


Two play along MP3's and notation. 


This is part two in my polyrhythmic/polymeter and Mental Toughness tutorial. 

The goal of this lesson is to mentally challenge the student/listener in several ways.

Samba Bass Lines with Flavio Lira

Brazilian bassist and educator Flavio Lira stopped by the Lessonface HQ recently, and taught us some samba bass lines. Check out the video. 

Regarding Ms Anna

If you are a teacher on Lessonface who received the message from Ms Anna this afternoon I apologize for the bother with the spam. The user responsible has been blocked from the site, and I wanted to note that here on the blog.

Lessonface Moves - the Why and Where

Lessonface's headquarters are now located at 451 West St, in the West Village of Manhattan. Mark your maps, and head over our way for master classes! 

Expanding Your Ear With Polyrhythms


Play Along MP3 and rhythmic notation.


The goal of this exercise is to familiarize the listener/student with the mental challenges and rhythmic demands of polyrhythms. In this exercise the goals are simple to understand, but harder to master. You do not need to be a drummer or percussionist to get value out of this. Additionally you do not even need an instrument, you can literally tap on any available surface.


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