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The ABRSM Music Exams - What Are They & Why Should You Take Them?

ABRSM Exam Practice

A picky eater has his dessert. An Olympian athlete has her winning performance. And a music student has his ABRSM exam certificate. All of these are incentives which push the individual towards action for a desired end goal.

Spooky Soiree

Sansa and Friends

This past Monday on the night before Halloween, the Lessonface studio was filled with head-bobbing music, friendly ghosts and festive autumnal cheer.

Expanding Your Ear With Polyrhythms (Part 3)

Polyrhythms exercise


Rhythmic notation and two MP3's. 


The goal of this exercise is pretty straightforward.

The lesson contains two different polyrhythms:

4 vs 3 

3 vs 2 

And two accompanying play alongs:

Prepare for Your Berklee College of Music Audition 2017-2018 with Alumni Instructors

Berklee College of Music Building

As the new school year greets us, some may find themselves excited and ready to embark on new musicals paths! As it happens, most of the auditions for one of the world’s most prestigious music school, Berklee College of Music are to be scheduled November 2017 - March 2018.

It is absolutely important for a prospective student to prepare as best as possible in order to get positive results. Our popular Berklee alumna and faculty (Berklee Day Sessions) Yonit Spiegelman shared a few thoughts about her lessons of Berklee Audition prep:

Music Learning Styles

Make the Most of the Way You Think About Music

The Beauty of a Musical Life

Lessonface's newest staff member is fall 2017 intern, Yohannah Franco. She plays piano beautifully, as you can see in the above video, and shares her musical story with us here. Welcome to Lessonface, Yohannah!

Mandolin Appreciation with Alan Epstein

The first step to music appreciation is listening. Experienced mandolin instructor Alan Epstein shared with us his favorite tunes that will make you want to pick up a mandolin and learn how to play.  

Maggie May by Rod Stewart

Skip to 3:33 to catch the mandolin solo at the end of this popular tune.

Guitar 101 for Parents of New Guitarists

Kids with a guitar

Go to part 2 of the series: Encouraging Your Young Guitarist | Jump to part 3 of the series: Encouraging Your Teen Guitarist

Do you have a young child who just can't wait to start online guitar lessons this fall?  Students age five to seven need more parental involvement than most, especially at the beginning.  Learn these fundamentals so that you can help your child start off right.

To Read Or Not To Read

When to Embrace Written Music and When to Get Away from the Page

If you're wondering whether reading music is important to your (or your child's) guitar education, you'll quickly discover conflicting philosophies.  A classical guitarist may tell you that reading music is essential to understanding the guitar and communicating with other musicians.  A rock, blues, or folk guitarist may tell you that reading music is an unnecessary burden that distracts from musical expression.  They may even cite you a list of famous guitarists who can't read a note.

Encouraging Your Aspiring Young Professional

Part 1 – For Parents of Young Guitarists (ages five to nine)

Does your child light up when they hear their favorite song or see a new music video?  Do they love their guitar lessons and possess some degree of natural aptitude for music?  Is your child already talking about a career in music?


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