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8 Classical Pieces I Love for Halloween

Halloween is nearly here!  And if you’re looking for spooky, scary or creepy music, you’re in luck.  Here’s a list of my top 8 classical pieces for Halloween.  If the music alone doesn’t scare you, just read about the stories that accompany the music. What's more, you can download free sheet music for numbers 6, 5 and 1.

#8 The Erlking - Franz Schubert

This art-song paints a picture of riding on horseback through the woods at night, trying to get away from the ominous Erlking.

Teacher Spotlight: Sara Landeau

Sara Landeau is a guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, educator, writer, composer, and sound artist. She is currently the touring guitarist with Bikini Kill.  She has received an MFA in Sonic Arts from CUNY Brooklyn College, where she is an adjunct professor, and has worked across a broad spectrum of music mediums. She is a founding member, co-songwriter, and lead guitarist of The Julie Ruin (Hardly Art/SubPop), achieved top 10 chart hits, has performed on Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, and Jimmy Kimmel Live, and has songs featured in films and commercials.

Review: Adam Audio T5V Active Studio Monitors

When picking a pair of studio monitors, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the variety of choice, and if music production is new to you, reading a spec sheet or looking at the response profile of a set of monitors may simply not be that helpful.

Fortunately, to make your choice easier, there are a number of considerations that should ultimately help guide your choice, such as as your budget, your room size and placement, and the information you learn from product reviews.

Lessonface's Blue Moon Anniversary

On this blue moon, August 30, 2023, Lessonface turns 11 years old! 

A blue moon is the second full moon of two full moons in the same month, an occasion which, according to NASA, happens only every two or three years. Hence the phrase "once in a blue moon" marking unusual events.

Review: Sennheiser Profile USB Microphone & Sennheiser HD 400 Pro Headphones

Whether you teach or take live, online lessons, there’s always the option to upgrade your equipment for better sound.  Using an external microphone and headphones is the first step towards improving your audio for any form of video conferencing.

Choosing the right external microphone can definitely improve the quality of audio signal you’re sending in a Zoom meeting so that you can be understood more clearly, and, if you’re teaching music, so that your listeners can hear more detail than would be picked up on a built-in microphone.

Teacher Spotlight: Susan Holloway

Susan Holloway fell in love with the violin in her hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. She was classically trained in the Suzuki Method and was also exposed to and influenced by the jazz, rock, blues, soul, and gospel of Memphis’ rich music scene, which has had a huge impact on her playing and teaching. She is a student favorite on Lessonface and this month’s Teacher Spotlight!

Best Practices for Teaching Piano Online Recap

Thanks so much to amazing piano instructors Beverly Cashin, Yee-Sik Wong and Veronica Gaudreau for sharing their experience and insights as part  of Lessonface’s  2023 TeacherFest roundtable on Best Practices for Teaching Piano at Lessonface. 

The three facilitators collaborated to create a list of helpful topics. Here’s a recap of the information shared: 

Best Practices for Teaching Languages Online Recap

Thanks so much to expert language teachers Carolina Amoruso and Charlie McNulty for sharing their experiences and insights in our Teacherfest Webinar on Best Practices for Teaching Languages Online at Lessonface.  

Here we’ve briefly summarized important points from the information shared and topics discussed in the session.

Best Practices for Teaching Guitar and Other Fretted Instruments Online

best practices for teaching guitar and other fretted instruments online

Our TeacherFest webinar “Best Practices for Teaching Guitar and Other Fretted Instruments” was hosted by top Lessonface instructors Matt Franceschini, Polly Bolton, and Leah Kruszewski. Facilitators drew from their experience teaching a variety of fretted instruments: Matt teaches ukulele and nearly all styles of guitar (metal, rock, blues, jazz, and more); Polly specializes in mandolin, banjo, clawhammer banjo, and Irish bouzouki; Leah teaches classical, flamenco, and Loog guitar.  

Best Practices for Teaching Strings Online

During the 2023 TeacherFest, Lessonface instructors Garrett Fischbach and Mike Mitchell led a roundtable discussion with other Lessonface String teachers. Below are some of the topics covered.


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