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Tips for Teachers: Cultivating A Fun and Successful Lesson Environment

Tips for Teachers

All teachers want their students to enjoy lessons and be successful in music.  
Asking the right questions at key points in their development will help your students get the most out of their studies with you.

Managing Your Music Lesson Nerves

Managing Your Music Lesson Nerves

Managing Your Music Lesson Nerves

“But I played it perfectly during practice!”  

Back-to-School for the Young Clarinetist

Watercolors of clarinets

green clarinet watercolorIt's almost time to head back-to-school!

One of the things your child might be excited about is finally getting to join band/orchestra and make some music! Whether playing in an ensemble or as a soloist, creating music can be one of the most gratifying experiences in life.

Perfecting Your Repertoire: How to Practice Until You Can't Get It Wrong

“An amateur practices until he gets it right; a professional practices until he can’t get it wrong” 

Encouraging Your Young Guitarist

Left handed boy with guitar

For Parents of Young Guitarists Ages Nine to Thirteen

If your young guitarist has shown a persistent love of music, the preteen years are a great time to nurture those interests more intensely.  If they pursue music as a career, rounding out their education now will be a huge help later on.  And if they change their dream-career a dozen more times, few extracurriculars nurture the developing mind as completely as a musical education can.  

New Classes and Courses!

We are excited to announce the release of over a dozen new introductory courses available on Lessonface! We've created these hour-long courses with great teachers from the Lessonface community in the Lessonface studio this spring, and add them to our already rich catalog of more advanced courses. The courses will introduce newcomers to the instrument, and are affordably priced at only $5.95 (there are a few courses that are priced higher, see the details on the course pages).

We Have Always Cared about Your Privacy

Lessonface Logo

Why We Are NOT Updating Our Privacy Policy at Lessonface

We are not updating our privacy policy. Our privacy policy has always been strict:
  • We do not sell your information. 

  • We do not share your image, or video, or audio, without your specific and express permission. 

5 Tips for Beginning Voice Students

“I want to improve my range.”
“I want to strengthen my voice.”
“I want to get a role in my high-school musical.”


These are just a few of the goals I have heard from beginning voice students, as I ask every new student: 


“What is your goal in taking voice lessons?"


Lessonface Stories: Luca's Microscope

Check out my talented ‘Lessonface’ student Luca and his original piece ‘Microscope’!


Luca is a piano student who lives in Sardinia, Italy and is currently taking theory and harmony lessons with me as a preparation for his Berklee College of Music Audition in the summer (Good Luck, Luca!).



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