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Lessonface has new site features and improvements live in Beta, including a chronological Student Journal, goals enhancement, and assignment tracking! To take a look around, click the beaker icon in the left hand green menu.

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New features in Beta for students:

Emily Zimmer Shares Her Advice For Music Students of All Levels

Top Lessonface teacher Emily Zimmer is one of the top teachers and a student favorite on the platform, which has led to her achieving Lessonface Loog Teacher of the Year in 2020, as well as Rock Guitar Teacher of the Year in 2019. She has 14+ years of teaching under her belt, along with her experience as an active session musician, performer, songwriter, and recording artist. 

Emily Zimmer Shares Strumming Secrets for Beginners

The violin, piano, accordion, guitar — many musical instruments require hand independence in order to play well. But if you're just starting out, that can be tricky to achieve! It's common for beginner guitarists to struggle with managing chord changes and strumming patterns together.

February 2022 Goal Setting Giveaways

Do you have music, language, or arts goals for 2022? Here at Lessonface, where we connect great teachers with students for live, online lessons and classes, helping students reach their goals is part of our mission.

Goal Setting Tips for Students From Top Teachers!

When it comes to goal setting, it can be easy to reach a plateau on your journey. Don't give up! Not only is struggling with reaching your goals totally normal, but we also have a team of top teachers from Lessonface to share their tips for students on how to set, practice, and achieve their goals. If you're looking for specific strategies, check out this post, also full of helpful information from teachers. 

$22 in 2022: Extending Our Higher Referral Program for 2022

We’re extending our special $22 referral rate for the rest of 2022! Lessonface referrals give users the opportunity to give lesson credits to others while earning lesson credits for themselves.

In January, we offered a special rate of $22 in lesson credits given to each new referral student, and another $22 in lesson credits for the person who referred the student to Lessonface. This means you can give friends and family $22 in lesson credits simply by them signing up on Lessonface via your referral link.*

Guitar Teacher Chris Campbell Talks About His Journey As a Musician

Chris Campbell is a Jamaican Guitarist and rising star teacher on Lessonface. Along with teaching Electric Guitar, Jazz Guitar, Neo Soul Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Blues Guitar, Fingerstyle Guitar, Lead Guitar, Reggae Guitar, Music Theory, he performs and records  Soul, Jazz, R&B, Gospel, Funk, Blues, Reggae, Acoustic and Pop music. He holds a bachelors degree in Music Education from Edna Manley College and has 9 years of experience teaching students of all skill levels with ages ranging from 4-65 years old. 

Making the Most of Your Online Voice Lessons

Young woman singing with music stand.

Online lessons are highly effective. I have worked with students online for years, many of whom began with little to no technique and are now singing professionally. However, lessons online are only effective when both the teacher and student prepare.

How do I prepare for an online lesson?

Teachers Explain Goal Setting Strategies for Students

An online education platform is releasing an article about goal setting on the last day of January? It may seem like a strange move, but one Forbes article cites a study that found 80% of New Year's resolutions were abandoned by February. Experts believe that setting goals is far more effective than setting resolutions, and we agree. That's why we're declaring today, and every day, a chance to set and accomplish goals. 

Finding the Right Voice Teacher or Vocal Coach for You

Vocal coach working with voice student.
Amanda Austin is a professional musician who teaches Voice lessons online. Find out more on her Lessonface profile.

Learning to sing teaches you so much about yourself, while building a skill you can use anytime, with just you. Finding the right Voice Teacher or Vocal Coach to help you along your journey is an important first step. 


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