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Vocal Tips for Improvisation

The art of vocal improvisation is not just used in Jazz today! In fact, having the tools and techniques of improv can also help you in Pop/Rock/R&B, Country, Gospel, and Musical Theater.  While scatting may be the norm in jazz, there are many other styles and types of improv you can incorporate into your songs. Here are some tips to help get you started with vocal improvising today!

How to Practice Funk Riffs

Lots of students tend to play what they know best and avoid getting out of their comfortable zone! I always bug my students to learn something new every week and I don't mean working on new songs that tend to use the same chords - but really working on a drill, applying variations and then creating riffs with those drills.

For example, let’s pick a B minor scale and create a funk riff: (B C# D E F# G A)

Classical Sax vs. Pop/Rock Sax: Move Your Ligature!

When you're first getting into different styles of music on saxophone, usually a teacher suggests that you have different mouthpieces, one for classical playing, one for jazz, and another for pop, rock and similar styles. That's definitely good advice, but something teachers don't always talk about is the idea that you can make more changes to your sound by moving your ligature to different positions on your mouthpiece.

Build Your Own Bassline: Free Video Series Released

In this quick tutorial series bassist and educator Yonit Spiegelman demonstrates techniques for improving your basslines. The series is broken into three short parts, each part building on the next. 

You can find a PDF download of the chords used in Yonit's backing tracks in order to play along and create your own bassline in the end of each video. 

Questions, or want to learn more? Take a private lesson or class with Yonit.

Watch the New Video of Piano, Voice, and Audition Prep Coach Liz Turner Talking About Her Experience with Lessonface

Many thanks to Liz Turner for making this great testimonial about her work on Lessonface. We're so happy to be working with Liz. If you're looking for a piano, voice, or audition prep coach you can book with Liz at https://www.lessonface.com/lizturner

Four Tips on How to Choose Your Instrument

Martin acoustic guitar and Ibanez electric guitar

Choosing an instrument can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be so hard! If you sit back and consider these key points, you will be in the right direction to find your future instrument.


Some instruments are easier to play as a young child while others can be extremely difficult! For one thing, some instruments are just too big. It would be difficult to imagine a four year old playing an upright bass. For younger children, piano, voice, and violin are popular choices.

Perfecting Your Repertoire: How to Practice Until You Can't Get It Wrong

“An amateur practices until he gets it right; a professional practices until he can’t get it wrong” 

Twenty Composition Prompts for Young Guitarists

Young guitarists love writing songs! As with any creative task, the hardest part is getting started, so here are some ideas to inspire budding composers.

Learn to Rock the Classics: the Sonata di Chitarra

In our new promotional video, popular bass guitarist and music educator Yonit Spiegelman shows guitar beginner Colin some basics by ably using a great tune -- a tune truly for the ages.