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Survey Says: Back to School

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online music platform inspiresMid summer, we asked our students to complete a survey about your Lessonface experience: what you most value in teachers, what kind of learning formats you most enjoy, what aspects of the platform are good, and what can be improved. 

Get To Know Guitar Teacher Leticia Filizzola!

Leticia Filizzola grew up around musicians but didn't start her own musical journey until she was 17. She was accepted to Berklee with a scholarship in 2015 and since then she has accumulated a growing fanbase all across her social media platforms. While living in Boston she joined the Indie-Rock band Los Elk and played multiple sold-out bills around the country.

Congrats to the June 2022 Recital Performers!

Congratulations to all our participants in Recital Week! We’re so proud of each and every one of the 111 performers who chose to participate in our June recitals, June 5th-9th.

Helping students reach their goals is foundational for us as part of our mission, and getting to see the progress of these students is truly a joy.

Willow Osborne Follows Her Heart

Willow Osborne joined Lessonface in 2021 and has quickly become a student favorite. She was taught by her friend & mentor, Gary "Biscuit" Davis, the only 4-time International Banjo Champion and has appeared on “Woodsongs” with Rhonda Vincent and The Rage, The United States Navy Bluegrass Band and Pat Flynn. Willow's stage presence, vocal, and instrumental skills have given her the opportunity to be the Youth Performer at the Country Tonite Theatre in Pigeon Forge for the past 7 years. Her students praise her because she is easy to talk to and for her deep knowledge of the banjo.

LESSONFEST 2022: Our week-long festival of FREE classes returns!

You’re invited to LESSONFEST, a weeklong festival of online classes and activities June 12-18, 2022!  

Beverly Cashin Loves Transforming Piano Students

Beverly Cashin has been teaching piano for several decades. She joined Lessonface in 2017 and has been a student favorite ever since. She believes that students can make progress with a moderate, consistent amount of practice time, the only requirement is a willingness to spend some time at the piano. She is a firm believer that people can learn piano at any age and believes it’s a great way for adults to unwind at the end of the day. For these reasons and so many more, Beverly Cashin is this month’s teacher spotlight.

Are Online Music Lessons Greener Than Traditional Lessons?

LessonFace Online Music Lessons Are Greener Than Traditional Lessons

At LessonFace we think a good bit about the greater implications of our service, and one of the issues that occupies the top of our minds is how lifestyle changes our energy dependency. So, we asked noted energy expert Dan Fischl, Ph. D, to compare the energy usage of driving to a traditional lesson across town vs. meeting with an expert teacher on LessonFace.

Pierre Luc Lalonde Talks About Falling in Love with The Drums

Pierre Luc Lalonde is a versatile musician specializing in funk, blues, pop/rock, and jazz/instrumental music. Pierre Luc is recognized for his heavy playing style and the consistent performances he gives. He's been a teacher on Lessonface since 2019 and a student favorite!

About Lessonface's New Features

Lessonface has new site features and improvements live in Beta, including a chronological Student Journal, goals enhancement, and assignment tracking! To take a look around, click the beaker icon in the left hand green menu.

beta beaker Don't worry: If you don't like the changes, you can always switch back by clicking the beaker icon again.

New features in Beta for students:


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