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Regarding Ms Anna

If you are a teacher on Lessonface who received the message from Ms Anna this afternoon I apologize for the bother with the spam. The user responsible has been blocked from the site, and I wanted to note that here on the blog.

Lessonface Moves - the Why and Where

Lessonface's headquarters are now located at 451 West St, in the West Village of Manhattan. Mark your maps, and head over our way for master classes! 

Expanding Your Ear With Polyrhythms


Play Along MP3 and rhythmic notation.


The goal of this exercise is to familiarize the listener/student with the mental challenges and rhythmic demands of polyrhythms. In this exercise the goals are simple to understand, but harder to master. You do not need to be a drummer or percussionist to get value out of this. Additionally you do not even need an instrument, you can literally tap on any available surface.

Now Accepting Submissions from Rising Stars

Calling all musicians ages 9-17 to our Rising Stars Competition! Five students will win a complete fall 2017 semester's worth of lessons with teachers of their choice on Lessonface.com!

To enter, create a short video performing an original or uncopyrighted work and send it to us by July 30th. You will of course need parent or guardian permission to do so. If you are under 13, your parent or guardian will need to enter on your behalf.

See the full competition terms and enter by clicking here.

All You Need to Know to Start Flute Lessons

Are you or your child starting to learn to play the flute? Read on for advice from the experienced flutists and flute educators of Lessonface for what you will need to get started.

Meet Your Mentor Podcast Announcement

Welcome to the Meet Your Mentor podcast brought to you by Lessonface. In this podcast, we interview our teacher of the month to inspire rising musicians. Learn about where our teachers have come from, what they have experienced, and why you should learn from them. The first episode features Ron Ferlito, March's teacher of the month. Learn about Ron's journey through music and where his inspiration started. Don't forget to subscribe to hear next month's episode!

How to Prepare for Your First Piano Lesson

Beginner piano player

Although piano is a common instrument to study, it can be complicated getting ready for your first lesson. Instruments are large and can be expensive. We turned to our teachers to help advise future students on how to prepare for lessons, even while on a budget.

Inspiration for Beginning Ukulele

ukulele player

The ukulele has many features that cause it to be such an attractive beginning instrument. Aside from being very portable, Lessonface ukulele teachers agree it is a very approachable instrument. To make your transition to beginning the ukulele even smoother, we asked our teachers to outline what students need to know in order to begin their lessons.


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