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How To Play All the Blues Scales On The Fretboard

Music theory gets confusing when learned out of order but when we take the time to learn things step by step it tends to be simple and clear. Today we are going to take another step on our scale journey, we are going to be learning all the blues scales.

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How To Play All the Pentatonic Scales On The Fretboard

If you have worked on the first lesson of this series I have good news for you! You have already mastered how to play all the pentatonic scales! They are just hidden within the diatonic.

Listen to Yourself and Play What You Like

Ali and Joyce Di Camillo

Watch this quick clip from Ali Ryerson's recent Jazz Flute Seminar for her heartfelt advice on the importance of listening to oneself -- and the happy insight to play what you like. 

Looking for more flute inspiration? We have some excellent options:

How To Play All the Diatonic Scales On The Fretboard

Playing scales is something that every guitar player has experienced before and it’s definitely something we should master. Every time I am working with a student I like to review scales and show some tricks to make someone think faster or in a different way about whatever scale they are working on.

How To Learn Any Instrument Using Your Voice

Learning to play new pieces can be difficult, but with the right tools and determination it can be a lot easier than you would think!

Introducing the Thursday Guitar Guide: Blues Guitar

We're happy to present the first video in our Thursday Guitar Guide series! Check back on Thursdays at 4pm for our weekly video releases. This week we have Professor Sher sharing an introduction to Blues Guitar and how to achieve a more jazzy sound.