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Anything Can Be a Musical Instrument

Here at Lessonface, Fernando Saci welcomes you to the world of sounds, where pretty much anything can be a musical instrument! 

Rubber piggies, chickens and bottle caps live side by side with conga, cajon and cowbells.

In this video you will learn how to make your own bottle cap chimes and inspire your creativity!

Meet Your Mentor: Jim Funnell

Lessonface would like to congratulate Jim Funnell as our March Teacher of the Month. Jim has been a featured teacher on Lessonface since December 2016, primarily as a jazz piano teacher. The podcast begins with a segment from his piece "Still Untitled" and continues to explore Jim's journey through music.

Funk bass line in 5/4 and changing the meters of the songs you play

Learn to change grooves and bass lines from 4/4 to different meters in this video tutorial:

We saw this example in The Chicken, performed by Lessonface teachers in our studio in NYC. In the first section, we played the song in 5/4 in a way that stretched the groove and the melody to fit this new odd meter.

Celebrating Lessonface's Fifth Year

This month Lessonface celebrates the fifth anniversary of our launch in February 2013. It has been a wonderful journey so far, and I wanted to write a quick note to mark the occasion, especially as we have achieved some noteworthy milestones in this past year:

Away from the Roost: Reharmonizing the Chicken!

Here are a few notes about Flavio Lira’s “THE CHICKEN Travels the World,” a cool multi-groove arrangement of “The Chicken.” Flavio invited me to record it over at Lessonface’s studio in New York’s West Village earlier this year, along with some fantastic musicians, most of whom teach on the platform as well.

Each of us also got to record a short tutorial to showcase something we played in the video:

Fun times!

Meet Your Mentor: Emily Coulston

Lessonface is happy to announce the revival of our podcast, Meet Your Mentor! We're starting off with our February Teacher of the Month, Emily Coulston. Emily is a songwriting, voice, and guitar teacher, as well as a talented performer. The podcast begins with an intimate recording of Emily's song, "Hands" and continues on with her experience as an educator and songwriter. 

The Importance of Transcription

An amazing way to enhance your musical vocabulary

Transcription may sound like a fancy musical term, but the truth is you have probably already transcribed a tune and didn’t even know it! Let’s start with Merriam Webster’s definition: 

Transcription - an arrangement of a musical composition for some instrument or voice other than the original.

Mike Mitchell: Teacher of the Year!

Mike Mitchell, Lessonface Teacher of the Year!

...treat it no differently than they would coming to a studio in person.  Be committed to the process, realize that the instruction is the same, whether on screen or in the room.  Your work is no different.  The learning process is the same. 

--Mike Mitchell, Lessonface teacher of the year's advice on Lessonface & online music lessons

On Achieving Your Goals in 2018

goal setting on a calendar

Want to make some real progress musically in 2018? Now that the holidays are over, the new year is here, and winter is REALLY settling in (especially for those of us on the east coast of the US), it's the perfect time to cozy up to your instrument and think about what you want to accomplish this year — and how you're going to do it.

Set Good Goals

Goals should be specific and achievable