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Painting, Cooking
Sonal Raje, is a professional artist based in Guelph, Canada. She is actively involved in the local art associations, as well as global ventures that promote the arts.
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$75.00 / 60 minutes
My name is Camille, I am 30 and have always been an absolute food lover ! I was born in Toulouse, I lived in Paris for 6 years and I recently moved to Nantes, a great city where I can be a full-time cooking teacher. I have been taught cooking by my grandmother and my mother at my youngest age.
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Cooking, Needlework, Embroidery & Thread Art...
Penny Morgan (Prichard) has been involved with teaching cooking to adults since 2000. An accomplished fiber artist, Penny loves to share tips and inspiration with quilters, embroiderers and wool applique fans of all skill levels. Penny has been teaching online courses since 2002. As an instructor for East Carolina University she has taught food labs online to many students.
$50.00 / 60 minutes
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Dance, Cooking, Music
T-Claw is a professional dance caller and musician with 20 years of organizing experience. He’s a passionate community-driven instigator for traditional music and dance, frequently employing unorthodox methods for maximum engagement. Growing up in Nashville, TN, he played mostly punk and jazz, all the while fighting for human rights, social justice, and better biscuits. In
$25.00 / 30 minutes
Culinary Arts, Writing, Cooking...
With more than 14 years of dedicated practice as a dietitian at the Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital, Edo State Nigeria; over 4 years of teaching experience (one year in Unique Secondary School Irrua and presently Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma, Edo State, Nigeria) and my current pursuit as a Ph.D. candidate and researcher (Novena University Ogume, Delta State, Nigeria), I
$35.00 / 60 minutes
Culinary, Cooking
Terra Ciotta has been teaching culinary students at the college level since 2010. With a broad base of experience in professional kitchens and teaching new cooks, Chef Terra can share the cooking secrets of chefs in a way that is easy to access for beginners or home cooks looking to level up their cooking. She particularly enjoys working with students on developing basic
$60.00 / 60 minutes
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Violin, Piano, Cooking...
My name is Miriam Cacciacarro and I am a professional violinist, pianist, and music teacher. I have been performing for over fifteen years, teaching for just over ten years. I complete both my grade eight exams for violin and piano with the Royal Conservatory of Music, as well as my grade ten violin exam with honors. In 2016, I graduated with a BA in Music from Thomas Edison
$35.00 / 45 minutes
Christine Seelye-King started to cook when she was 8, or 6 if you count her Easy Bake Oven. Her father owned a restaurant when her folks were first married and she grew up with him watching Julia Child and experimenting with cuisines such as French, Chinese, Japanese, German and party foods of all types. Throughout the 70’s, they were always the first ones on their block to
$50.00 / 60 minutes
Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Cooking...
Hi, and welcome to my teaching profile. Main subjects and instruments include electric guitar, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, ukulele, cajon, drumkit, music theory, improvisation, percussion, aural skills (ear training), eurythmics (internalizing rhythm), sight-reading, classical guitar and flamenco guitar. Lessons are fun, engaging and educational.
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$150.00 / 30 minutes
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