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Hi, I'm Jessie! I have my Bachelors degree in Fine Arts and I work as a private art teacher in my own hometown in Pennsylvania. I create personalized lessons around my students' individual interests and skill levels.
$40.00 / 60 minutes
English, ESL, Drawing...
I am a native English speaker, with technical experience in French, German and Italian. I have 20+ years professional teaching experience for all ages - infants to senior citizens, in ESL, STEAM, Montessori, English Business Technical Language and Travel Language. Music, Art and Architecture are my passions too! I am an architect with specialization in sustainability (LEED
$30.00 / 30 minutes
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Electric Guitar, Painting, Drawing...
Olli is a Teaching Artist with passion for art history and...yarn! She has been working alongside professional artists as an assistant, consultant, and curator for over 10 years and stepped into the roll of teaching two years ago. Given an exposure to many different media and a passion for learning how art practices develope over time, Olli is a well-spring of creative
$10.00 / 30 minutes
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English, French, Drawing
Hello, world! This is Raees, your favourite extrovert islander from Mauritius island! Some of my interests revolve around gaming, anime, tv shows, drawing and sports. I have always been fascinated with gaming ever since I can remember. The plot, the concept art and the music really drive me.
$10.00 / 30 minutes
Painting, Drawing, Watercolor
Allison Maletz is a contemporary large-scale watercolor and mixed media artist. She received her BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and her MFA from the Slade School of Fine Art, London. She has taught people from age 8-80 and currently leads watercolor, drawing, illustration and professional practices for artists classes.
$90.00 / 30 minutes
Jazz Voice, Piano, Drawing...
Hi, my name is Sarah Marie and I am a professional music educator, jazz vocalist, pianist, composer, arranger, producer, and visual artist from Malta.
$35.00 / 30 minutes
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Painting, Drawing
With over two decades of drawing and painting experience, a BFA in Studio Art from Seattle Pacific University, a MFA in Digital Art from DigiPen Institute of Technology, and multiple years of teaching experience at my alma mater (SPU) in oil painting and color studies, I have felt blessed to grow in and share my artistic knowledge and discoveries with my students. Oil paint is
$37.50 / 30 minutes
R&B Voice, Rock Voice, Drawing...
*** MUSIC *** I started playing the flute when I was 8 in Chambéry, France, but I started singing 15 years ago. I took it seriously and trained myself in different styles : classical and modern music (Pop, Rock). As I lived in the Netherlands for almost 3 years, I took some lessons with Floor Jansen (the singer of Nightwish) and she taught me the Complete Vocal Technique method
$20.00 / 30 minutes
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Leah Kruszewski
AP English Language & Composition, Writing, Drawing...
Making art all my life, I began working as a professional artist in my home town, the Wildwoods, NJ, painting murals for local businesses and set backgrounds for high school plays, as well as teaching private and group art lessons.
$30.00 / 30 minutes
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