Lessonface's Blue Moon Anniversary

On this blue moon, August 30, 2023, Lessonface turns 11 years old! 

A blue moon is the second full moon of two full moons in the same month, an occasion which, according to NASA, happens only every two or three years. Hence the phrase "once in a blue moon" marking unusual events.

The past decade plus one year at Lessonface have been full of unusual occurrences, from the basis of the platform being the unlikely combination of the incredible technological advances of the past few years that enable students and teachers to meet from small to great distances for learning topics both ordinary and very niche. The connection between over 30,000 curious, dedicated students on Lessonface and 2,000 incredible, inspiring instructors, meeting for individual artistic growth is completely mind-blowing. The daily practice alone is stunning.

Today, on Lessonface's Blue Moon Anniversary:

  • Lessons will happen in over 80 topics
  • The 96,100th user has registered
  • The 1,003,060th order has been placed
  • The 23,075th lesson review has been written

Individuals receiving direct attention from incredible artists all over the planet is an everyday occurrence at Lessonface, but awe-inspiring nonetheless. As founder of Lessonface, I am so grateful to the teachers, students, staff, and other collaborators who put their trust in our platform and who make our community. The tech is necessary but not sufficient - it's the energy and attention of the people who choose to be involved who make Lessonface such an unusual and beautiful environment. 

From lower left, Lessonface instructor Isabella Mendes, staff Flavio Lira, Garrett Fischbach, me, and Ashford Tucker meet up in NYC for ice cream and celebration

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