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Hello! My name is John Laufenberg. I have over 20 years of real world experience in music that I apply to my lessons and teaching curriculum everyday. I also hold a College Degree of Musical Arts in Commercial Music Performance that I received in May 2012 with guidance from career greats Dick Gimble, Jon Fox, Beth Ullman, Bill Howard, and Pat McKee, among many others.
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Sean Peter Hagon is a composer and orchestrator for the film, television, and advertisement industries and is Chief Creative Officer and Managing Partner for Raging Cloud Studios.
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Lindsey is an instructor at Columbia University's Teachers College. She has over 20-years of teaching experience with individual and group instruction, ages 3-50+. Lindsey is a doctoral candidate at Columbia University's Teachers College and finished her Masters in String Pedagogy and Performance at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
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Violin, Viola, Entrepreneurship for Musicians...
Jeanann Dara is a force in modern creation, collaboration and performance. She has developed her own sound with modern viola performance, improvisation and composition. Engaging sounds and manipulating the instrument with extended techniques, she pulls from her strong classical training and invites the listener to participate in the dynamic range from silence to noise and the
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Pilar Mateo specializes in management, production, and artist management. Currently, with Vale Acevedo, KINARA, UJI and more over management, tour mgmt, production, releases, marketing and engagement with audience.
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Acoustic Guitar, Clawhammer Banjo, Entrepreneurship for Musicians...
Hi folks! My name is Baron Collins-Hill and I run MandoLessons. If you are looking for private lessons with me, take a look to see if there are any open slots!
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Chelsea Young, native of Mississippi earned a B.S. Degree in Entertainment Industry Studies and master's degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Entertainment Industry Studies from DSU MS University. Young, has worked to advance the importance of Arts Education. Over the past eight years she has worked with different arts organizations and Grammy Museum
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Few artists embody the spirit of classic soul, jazz, and R&B like Jill Desiree, she follows in the tradition of artists like Chaka Khan, Aretha Franklin, and Whitney Houston by blending evocative vocals. Her debut EP, "Cover Story," offers listeners an introduction to a unique mix of powerful R&B vocals and the equally adventurous improvisations of Jill's collaborators.
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Leah Kruszewski
Songwriting, Composition, Entrepreneurship for Musicians...
I'm a musician, music composer, guitar player, music producer from Portugal, my experience goes from making music for, Solo Artists, Ads, Children's Plays, Soap Operas, National Tv, Movie Trailers, Background Music, Orchestral Music, Hybrid Orchestral, in several styles, Pop, Indie, Acoustic, Minimal, Sound Design, Sound Textures, Electronic, Sound Logos - Idents - Intros, and the
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Violin, Cello, Entrepreneurship for Musicians...
***CONTACT FOR AVAILABILITY*** “Brittany is so good with my daughter. She is a lot of fun and is always cheerful. My daughter loves to play popular upbeat songs, and Brittany caught that early on. She incorporates as much of the pop songs in her lessons, as she does traditional classical music.
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