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My name is Martin Connor, and I’m a teacher, rapper, and writer who graduated from Duke University with a music degree of high distinction. For the past few years I've ran and maintained a website,www.RapAnalysis.com, that helps deepen the average music listener’s appreciation of rap music by teaching him or her how to... Read More

$30/30 minutes
CeCe Sammy vocal coach for the stars

Often referred to as "The UK's Vocal Whiz", CeCe Sammy has been a leading vocal and performance coach for some of the biggest names in music and is also known for her TV appearances and behind the scenes contributions as a vocal coach, advisor and trouble-shooter on various music and entertainment shows such as "Pop Idol... Read More

Desmond Spann, AKA Emcee Mind, Online Rap Teacher at LessonFace.com

I aim to inspire and motivate the people of the world to make positive changes in their lives, while having fun. Professional Affiliations: Boys and Girls Aid, Nov. 2011; Freestyle Workshop Phame Academy, Nov. 2011; Freestyle Workshop Ethos Music Center; Hip Hop Technology & Emcee Educator Children’s Cancer Association... Read More

$40/30 minutes