Now Available at Lessonface: Self-Paced Courses

A new learning format is now available at Lessonface: Self-Paced Courses! Courses for guitar, bass guitar, strings, winds, and music theory are available for immediate enrollment. A few of the courses are entirely free. As a celebration of the launch of this new feature, the paid courses will be 25% off until the end of February - use the promo code SPCLaunch to apply the discount.

What is a self-paced course? Self-paced courses are learning resources about a topic that may include text, images, video, and audio. The defining aspect is that students can enroll and access the resources immediately, proceeding at their own pace through the materials. Many of the courses have sections that are free to preview before signing up. Each chapter of a self-paced course has a checkbox so one may satisfyingly tick off one's progress, and easily return to the right spot of the course when convenient to continue learning.

View the self-paced courses now.

The self-paced courses are created by teachers who are also available for live instruction at Lessonface. Students with questions about a course can pose them directly to the author, either via the Lessonface messaging system, or by setting up a private lesson to discuss further learning goals and how to best accomplish them. The vast range and depth of expertise within Lessonface's teacher roster of professional artists and educators is an incredible resource that we are delighted to begin to offer in this new format, continuing our mission of helping students achieve their goals while treating teachers equitably.

Since 2012, Lessonface has connected students with great teachers for live private lessons online. Around 2014, we started offering group classes. As of today, tens of thousands of dedicated students have connected to thousands of excellent teachers for live online private lessons and group classes. Private lessons and classes have received over 25,000 five-star reviews from Lessonface students. 

We believe that an inspiring teacher is the most awesome method of instruction - nothing beats the personalized feedback and instruction of a real live expert who monitors and cares about one's progress. While live lessons remain central to what we do, and what we expect to be doing ten years from now, we all know that having a mix of resources for learning can be very helpful: be it written, audio, recorded video, our own notes, performance opportunities, as well as the live interactions that keep us encouraged and motivated. 

This is not Lessonface's first foray into asynchronous learning. For over a decade we've produced short video tutorials, with teachers recording themselves all around the world, as well as in studios around NYC and in our own studio in the West Village of Manhattan, gaining hundreds of thousands of subscribers at Youtube. We've created sheet music for download, and other free resources, like a practice journal and goal-setting tools, all of which are quite popular parts of the Lessonface website. However, these resources have been largely produced by Lessonface staff. The new self-paced course feature, now available, allows our incredible teacher roster to author their courses directly.

We've seen that students enjoy taking part in multiple types of instruction on Lessonface. In our most recent student survey, we asked students what they like to use in general for learning, on Lessonface and beyond. The one area where we don't see a lot of interest is in AI. That jibes with our platform's promise of great teachers - we like learning from humans! 


Huge props to the great teachers who have jumped in to assemble courses in this first version of the new feature. Similar to our approach to private lessons and group classes at Lessonface, teachers who have been vetted as fitting our qualifications are able to create their courses entirely by themselves, and set their own rates. We anticipate having more courses available as teachers have time to put their courses together, and as we gather feedback and continue to improve this new feature! Meanwhile, we are offering 25% off the course purchases (which will come out of the Lessonface fee, not the teacher's) as thanks to the early adopters. Use the code SPCLaunch to deduct 25% from the course tuition. (This discount is available to students referred by Lessonface, and on self-paced courses only, through February 29th).

Additionally, courses come with a 14-day money-back guarantee: let us know if you are unsatisfied with your course within two weeks of purchase and we will issue a refund. The courses will come with a standard life-time access for the enrollment fee. Courses with different access durations will have that noted on their enrollment pages.

View the available self-paced courses now.


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