How to play the drums

Students will learn how to hold the sticks, play the bass drum and other important techniques. This course is designed for beginners to advanced students. Magesh will show you how to play cool beats and drums fills. Also an easy way to read drum music quickly.

The Basics
Chapter 1
How to hold the sticks
Basic rudiments
Chapter 2
The single stroke roll
The bass drum
Chapter 4
How to play the bass drum
Singing the beat
Chapter 6
singing the beat
Chapter 7
Singing the beat part 2
More beats
Rests in drum music notation
Chapter 10
1/4 note rests
Chapter 11
1/8th note rests
Using a metronome
Chapter 12
how to play with a metronome
Playing drum fills
Chapter 13
Introduction to playing drum fills
Chapter 15
Playing 1/4 notes and 1/8th notes in a fill
Chapter 16
Introducing 16th notes
Chapter 17
fills with quarter, eighth and sixteenth notes.
Chapter 18
16th note drum fills
Chapter 19
Mixed subdivision fills
Chapter 20
More mixed subdivision fills
Off Beats.
Chapter 21
Off Beats on the snare drum.
Chapter 23
16th note off beats on the snare
Co Ordination exercises
Chapter 24
Co Ordination exercises
Chapter 25
More co ordination exercises
8th note triplets
Chapter 26
8th note triplets
16th notes
Chapter 27
16th notes on the hi hat
Technique and feel
Chapter 28
How to swing a beat
The Rim
Chapter 29
The Rim click
Chapter 30
The rimshot
Chapter 31
ghost notes
The play along section
Chapter 32
The play along section
Rock play along section
Chapter 34
Rock beat example play along 2
Chapter 35
Rock beat example play along 3
Chapter 36
Rock beat example play along 4
Funk play along
Chapter 37
Funk play along 1
Chapter 39
funk play along 3
Playing along with triplets
Chapter 40
Paying along with triplets intro
Chapter 41
Triplet play along 1
Chapter 42
Triplet play along 2
Chapter 43
Triplet play along 3
The shuffle rhythm
Chapter 44
intro to the shuffle rhythm
Chapter 45
The shuffle rhythm play along 1
Chapter 46
The shuffle rhythm play along 2
Chapter 47
The shuffle rhythm play along 3
the halftime shuffle
Chapter 48
intro to the halftime shuffle
The implied shuffle
Chapter 49
the implied shuffle intro
Chapter 50
the implied shuffle beat
16th notes play along
Chapter 51
16th notes play along 1
Chapter 52
16th note play along 2
Practicing tips
Chapter 53
practicing tip 1
Chapter 54
Practicing tip 2
Chapter 55
Final practice tip


As a musician I have performed with Rhianna, Lionel Richie, Ricky Martin, Chris Brown, Kimbra and Vernon Reid (Living Colour). I recently completed an online drumming course you can check out here. I have taught piano for years and have recorded music for television and commercials.

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