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LESSONFEST Spring 2023

Enroll now to meet great teachers and learn something new the week of April 17-23, 2023

You are invited to join Lessonface's third LESSONFEST to explore your interests in more than 50 free live online classes with phenomenal instructors.

LESSONFEST is a time to explore new pursuits, meet great teachers, play music, make art, and get inspired. Find a topic that interests you and start learning with us during this fun week. Click on each class for more details and to secure your seat. Enrollment is free, but limited.

Guitar Classes

Guitar is a popular instrument for a reason! Here you'll find great guitar classes with great teachers to match a variety of interests.

Piano Classes

Looking for inspiration on the piano? Try a piano class to refresh your skills or re-inspire you on this versatile instrument.

Voice Classes

Discover and develop the instrument you are born with in these classes.

Orchestral Instruments

Meet great teachers for band and orchestra instruments.

Classes Just for Kids

Lessonface is COPPA compliant and designed to be safe and fun for all ages. These classes are with background checked teachers and are just for kids. Whether your child is just getting started or already looking to write their own songs, you'll find fun classes here.

More Instruments

More popular instrument categories are covered with saxophone, harmonica, mandolin and Irish harp classes for your consideration.

General Music Classes

Interested in generally becoming a better musician? Here are classes that focus on concepts from improvisation and musicality to sight-reading and playing by ear.

Arts & More

Painting, weaving, gardening, & more — further nourish your creativity!

Ready to Perform?

For many, a big part of music is performing. Express your musical skills to a welcoming audience. Join for your chance to share your gift and accomplishments, and be inspired by what others within the Lessonface community have achieved.

About Lessonface

Lessonface has been connecting students with great music and arts teachers for live lessons online since 2012. Our mission is to help students achieve their goals while treating teachers equitably. We are thrilled to be celebrating our third annual LESSONFEST in 2023! Hope to see you there.

"Excellent! It clearly showed that Willem has not just the musical background and knows what he is talking about, but also the ability to coach his students of all age groups and backgrounds."

- Martin, Student in Helpful Hints for Happy Saxophonists, LESSONFEST 2022