Ssamsol Jogakbo: Stitching and Wishing Happiness

About Ssamsol Jogakbo: Stitching and Wishing Happiness

Jogakbo, patchwork bojagi, was made with remnants of fabrics from leftover cloths in the past.

When Korean women make bojagi, the act of hand stitching is considered an act of wishing happiness and well-being to the recipients, users, or makers themselves.

Youngmin will teach basic jogakbo construction in this workshop. Ssamsol is a special seam technique that makes a single-layered patchwork bojagi. During this class, students will use many pieces of fabrics and Ssamsol is a special seam technique that makes this jogakbo a single-layered and translucent finish.

This class is limited to 50 students.

Class Materials Needed

• Remnants of fabrics from your stash.
• Basic sewing tools such as needle, thread, pins
• Cutting mat (12”x18), rotary cutter (28mm), Omni grid rulers
• Scissors
• Hera marker or bone folder.

You can purchase a kit which includes assorted cut fabric, a needle, thread, PDF instructions, and a short video tutorial link from Youngmin Lee’s website


None required

Age Range

Teens and Adults

Skill Level

All Levels

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Single 3-hour session on Sunday, July 9, at 2 pm ET | 11 am PT | 18:00 UTC.

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Enrolled students receive 30-day access to the video recording of the class.

2:00 PM - 5:00 PM EDT
Ssamsol Jogakbo: Stitching and Wishing Happiness
Youngmin Lee

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Youngmin Lee

Youngmin Lee

Youngmin Lee is a textile artist who uses bojagi tradition and techniques to create her work. Her interest in textiles led her to study Clothing and Textile in college and received an MFA in Fashion Design in South Korea. She has researched bojagi making and techniques and endeavors to apply her findings to both traditional and contemporary art.

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MAFA - The MidAtlantic Fiber Association

The MidAtlantic Fiber Association (MAFA) represents and supports a community of fiber arts guilds in the greater Mid-Atlantic region.

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