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You, yes you, can earn money from sending students to Lessonface. If you like the idea of Lessonface, or are yourself teaching on Lessonface, we'd love your help to get the word out. 

In short: If you refer a student to us, we will pay you back a percentage of sales of that student's lessons.*

How it works: Fill out the fields below. If you are approved to the Share Lessonface program, we will provide you with a unique link to share with others who might be interested in Lessonface. We will pay to referrers half of our fees collected from sales of one-on-one lessons, group classes, and self-paced lesson products for students who sign up for lessons following that unique link. 

Our typical fees are 15% of the lesson price for one-on-one lessons, 15-30% for group lessons, and 10% for self-paced lessons, and referrers will receive half of these fees (all of which are subject to any discounts that apply to the lesson price).

A Prime Share Lessonface Example: Lessonface teachers are welcome to take part in the Share Lessonface program. If you have your own studio that you want to transfer online, this can be a simple way of keeping more of your lesson fee while using our lesson platform, and gaining an over-ride on any of your students who find other teachers through our service.

For instance, if you are a guitar teacher, and a student you bring to Lessonface signs up for one-on-one guitar lessons with you after following your link to Lessonface, you would earn 92.5% of the payment received for such lessons (the current 85% teacher's share plus an additional 7.5%). If that student, or say one of their siblings, signs up for on one-on-one voice lessons through a different teacher after following your link, you would earn an override of 7.5% on those voice lesson fees also. 

Important Details:

  • When you are approved to the Share Lessonface program, you will receive an account by which you can create a unique link or links, track your clicks and sales, and access additional graphics and sharing concepts to help your sharing effort.
  • Applies to purchases that take place within 15 days of the student clicking your link. 
  • Payment is on a quarterly basis, by the end of the month following the end of the quarter, for sales that occurred during the quarter.
  • Minimum payment is $50. If your referral fees are less than $50 for the quarter, the amount would roll over to the next quarter. 
  • These Lessonface Share terms are subject to future changes.

Let us know your quick details below, and we'll set you up with an account for sharing that will allow you to see how many clicks and sales your spreading the word generates. Allow us at least 24 hours to get you set up. If you do not hear from us, or have questions, email

*People love to refer teachers to Lessonface, as well, and we love that too. Many of our favorite teachers, by which we refer to all of the teachers on Lessonface, came via referral. Because teachers are already earning the lion's share of lesson fees on Lessonface, we hope you will keep doing that because it makes sense and is a great deal for teachers already, rather than any additional pecuniary reward.